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Session 45 (Tal)


Played on May 1st, 2016

17th - 25th of Sobendar

We left the fathers office leaving him convinced we joined his war. It wasn't on purpose that we left him, but he was obviously already convinced when we mentioned we were going north. We spent the night in the Order fortress below the Amber monolith. Some of the others spent their time to ask more questions, not much of importance was gathered though.
The next morning we left early to make our way north. One more day through the plain of brick and six more days before we arrived at the river Tithe. The lands were green and lush but no one lived here. The river Tithe was a big river, we could not see the other side clear enough for Zippie to teleport us to the other side. And it was too far for Ryder or Drake to cross as well. We needed something more basic, a boat of some kind. Though Thoms creature could fly, it was not big enough to carry us over, even if it let us. But Thom thought it would not mind helping by pulling our raft to the other side. We spent a day creating wooden raft big enough for all of us. And with the addition of some Numenera paddles and the pull of the Hontri we made our way to the other side.
But where now? We knew the Kephi was north of the river, but that was about as much as we knew. Thom spent some time flying to see if we could combine our map with the lay of the lands. The river had some bends that might match the river on the map. Though the map was old we decided that we needed to go north east tomorrow.

26th of Sobendar - 10th Sunlyth

On the third day going to the north east we encountered a group of five people. Coming up closer we saw they were young and fit, but their skin was a lighter green. Cautiously we approached the group, warning our group that we did not need weapons and that some of us were better of staying quiet. Speaking with them we quickly learned these were the Gayans the Order had spoken of. They were armed and ready to defend themselves, but these folk were friendly and helpful.
And even better, they saw the world the way I did. They saw and felt the spiritts around us as I do. Maybe after we went to the last Kephi and saw it's vision I could spend some time among the Gayans. I've never properly been able to speak to other people about the way I saw the world.
After asking them if they could help us and if there were special places nearby we quickly found out we made a bad guess to where we were. There was a fortress to the north west which sounded like it could be a good place for the Kephi. To make sure we didn't pass the fortress by we decided to walk straight west until we met the river again and then north towards the fortress. There we came upon a forested hill with the fortress towering above the trees. It was a dark forest and it was in a strange place, we had not seen any trees for ages. But at the edge of the fortress the Kephilim started to glow softly with a silver light. We knew we had reached the place of the last Kephi

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