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Session 9 (Daina)

Through the Votex

Played on June 28th, 2015

Day 14?? of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

Inside the Vortex, assuming we are actually entering it, it is impossible to keep our eyes open. The light is just so blinding white. After a while we feel the same pulling sensation as we felt at the entrance, but now pulling us in the reverse direction. I peek to see where we are and it seems we’ve entered a whole new area. Ryder and me quickly move away from the portal. As we take in our surroundings, I hear the familiar voice again in my head welcoming me.

We’re standing in a somewhat rectangular room and as we’re investigating this place, the others also start popping up through the portal. Our surroundings are looking a lot more organic than they did in the area which we just left.
The doors on either side of the room seem to be either locked or blocked by debris. This isn’t so weird judging from all the cracks in the walls and floors and several pieces of the ceiling which have fallen down. On the far edge away from the portal, there’s a hallway leading away from this area and I go over there to investigate.

At the end of the short hallway, there’s another room with rubble and a few doors. A small red light attached to the ceiling is blinking at a regular interval. As we investigate, we hear a loud noise coming from the portal room, so we head back to check it out.

Not so welcome after all

The door which we initially couldn’t get to open is actually open now, but more worryingly, something appeared from it. There’s a huge slender humanoid form wielding a lighting sword and a shield. When Drake gets too close to it, he’s being attacked, so we decide to fight back obviously.
During the fight a piece of the ceiling comes crashing down on top of Ariya and the creature. Ariya is quite hurt and cringes as for a short while, her protective armor is partially gone due to the impact, before it grows back again. The same thing happens for the creature.
Tal mentions we could try to crush the creature with more pieces of the ceiling, so I start to chip away at it with my onslaughts. I have to be really careful though not to hit Ariya again. After a while as Thom is also getting involved with his huge axe we defeat the creature. When it collapses to the floor, the lighting of the sword turns off.
Ariya and Drake try to recover the sword and shield from the corpse, but this takes a while as they seem be fused with the creature.

Numenera energy

Meanwhile I check out the hallway behind the door which has now opened up. On the left there are huge round windows with the same blinding light I “saw” inside the Vortex. I feel a big tremor, but continue down the hallway.
When I get around the corner I notice a control panel in the righthand side of the wall. After a short investigation I learn this is used to control shutters for the windows. To be able to see somewhat better in the hallway, I hit the button which is marked “Secure outside window”. A lot of mechanical noise and rumble later, the hallway goes a lot darker. By now the others have caught up with me again.
There’s a red light again here, also pulsating in the same frequency. A few yards further down the hallway there’s another door. Ryder investigates and breaks down the door, which is now stuck diagonally in the doorway. Ariya tries to crawl through the small hole but gets stuck. Ryder, Thom and Drake free her and while doing so open up the door entirely.

What we see now, Ryder determines to be an energy supply of some sort. A bunch of columns are lining the room. A few are pulsating, some are broken and some are just standing there, doing nothing. Ryder manages to start up one of the dimmed columns with a small charge. We help Ryder collect some of the “power cells” which should be able to recharge certain cyphers. This could come in handy sometime.

I’m starting to feel really tired as it feels like we’ve been awake for well over a day by now. We still continue down the hallway though. Another big tremor and a hole opens up in the floor. Drake falls in and gets stuck at the waist. People try to pull him out which doesn’t work. Luckily he has some kind of device which allows him to teleport out. We continue somewhat more careful now.

At the end of the hallway we walk into a larger room again. This also contains columns, but now they appear to be larger. They are also connected to a console in the middle of the room with some kind of wires. Also the columns themselves are more complex with something inside which appears to be a living thing.

Then a loud mechanical noise surprises us.

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