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Session 35 (Daina)

Power boosted Kephilim

Played on February 7th, 2016

22th of Drebental - Where to go next?

I'm getting tired of waiting around for nothing to happen so I start following the ice wall to the east. Eventually the others catch up after Drake has created a point of reference in the wall using his blue stones. We continue in this direction for a day and that night we follow our regular pattern; I create some shelter we we get some rest while we take turns to stand watch.
During my watch I grab my Devil Weed vaporizer and hope I can ponder up a way on how we could find the Kephi. I think it might be a longshot, but I grab my Numenera book and see if I can increase the power level of my Kephilim, making it more sensitive to the flows of the Numenera related to the Kephi.
I don't know if it is the influence of the Devil Weed of just sheer luck, but somehow my experiment succeeds and my Kephilim starts blinking and pointing me into a certain direction slightly away from the Wall. As I'm not sure how long this effect will last I quickly wake up the rest of the crew to get on our way. It takes some persuasion, but eventually we packed and ready to go again in the middle of the night. I had expected the Kephi to be closeby, but after a four hour midnight walk we grudgingly decide to set up camp again and get a bit of sleep while we still can.
The next day my Kephilim is still blinking so we can continue our journey, but eventually it stops. I increase its power level again, but now it only lasts for an hour. Gladly Thom has a general feel about the direction it was pointing and along with the help of Ariya's compass we continue. We continue this way for another two days. Every morning I power up my Kephilim to verify that we're still on the right track.

25th of Drebental - Kephi number three

On that second day as we climb up a hill we see a black ball on a pedestal down the hill in a small snow valley. As we investigate it we learn that it's indeed nearly shut down as the other group told us. But powering it would most likely break it. We decide to create a kind of shelter for the Kephi as it might help it to regain some of its power.
To create a decent shelter around it we spend about two days, but then finally we build a pretty awesome snowhouse around it. While looking for building materials, Thom even managed to scrounge up some Devil Weed, which he gladly shares with me.

The next morning I explain that I should charge all our Kephilim to make sure not to drain the bit of remaining energy in the Kephi. Everybody agrees and now with the charge Kephilim we all touch the Kephi. It feels like some backup system is being activated. We get a really heavy visual this time. Sharp colors as we fly over and through an enormous city with very stylish architecture. We fly into a tunnel but the underground structure is so huge you barely notice you're beneath the earth. Four meter long humanoids walk around here. They look somehow satisfied and happy. Far of in the distance we see unnatural sharp mountain ranges. The vision ends with us flying through a long hallway over broad fields where we make multiple flybys.
With a shock we regain our usual consciousness again and our Kephilim now has an additional lit facet. Not the color we expected, but it's flowing bright-red! But that's not the weirdest thing that has happened. Moreover our Kephilim are trying to float up into the air into a certain direction. Checking the compass, the Kephilim are pointing North.

27th of Drebental - Following the Kephilim

I tie my Kephilim to MC and we're on our way again following our devices. It takes us three weeks walking north, but finally it's getting a bit warmer. We've reached a huge river which is about 100 meters across. As we got no idea how to cross the river we just start following it to the west and after another two days we reach a village where various vessels are sailing on the river. We ask some of the locals if they could get us across and eventually a big redhead offers to bring us across for a few shins.
Once across, the Kephilim is still pointing north so we continue on our way once again.

28th of Kaizenar - The Two Towers

During those two weeks we were following a river on our right most of the time, but it bends to the east and we don't see it anymore. Then all of a sudden two gigantic towers appear on the horizon with a kilometer-long bridge linking them both. At night we finally reach the outskirts of the Two Tower city and we're walking along well-traveled roads between the houses which start to appear more and more.
The next day we keep following the road into the city. We now can also make out statues on top of the two towers; The south one has gigantic insect standing on top. While the north one is guarded by a statue of a huge bird.
Around the towers, the buildings look even more expensive than in the rest of the city. People are noticing that we aren't natives, but luckily they don't care or bother too much.

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