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Session 17 (Tal)


Played on August 30th, 2015

Day 50 of our seven year journey (31st of Aftental)

As I turn my back away from the wall I hear Thom's last attempt to break it with a hammer. It's no use, this is not a place for stories yet. It's a grand place, a place of history, but the spirits do not think us worthy of it yet. And at that time there was more in this place that was eager to tell us we should not stick around any longer.
Both me and Arya saw it about the time, something moved under the ground it seemed. How can anything move below the ground at all? Big worms? I had no real time to think about it. Arya was already moving towards it. She didn't get too far though. When she got there she almost instantly fell on the ground. These things under the ground were something bad. I shouted out for help, Drake could push Arya back to safety with his mind from a safe distance. I held back Ryder as he was trying to passed me to Arya before Drake could do anything.
Drake's face showed pure concentration as Arya slowly started to move towards us. As she got closer we could see she still was breathing. I picked her up and moved both away from the movement in the ground and the great wall behind us. I did not wait for everyone else, but when they were right behind me when I put Arya on the ground to have a look at her.
I asked the spirits of air floating around to help me make contact with Arya's mind, I needed to know if she was still in there. The spirits were ready to help someone in need, but I had not done this before. All I could et from it was that she was alive in there, but everything else was blocked somehow.
But if there was still an active block, that would mean we were not safe! Before I was able to say anything I saw Drake fall to the ground in almost the same way as Arya. Thom was holding his head and was mumbling about sleepyness and a three sided head. At the same time Ryder fails at using his lightning powers to see if he can wake Arya with it.
Two more creatures move below the ground, I point them out to the group as two others leap from the ground try to attack Thom and Ryder. The first quickly goes into a stasis field, that means Drake woke up at least. The other goes down quickly as we all jump in to get rid of him. That seemed to only leave the ones still below the ground.
Somehow Drake falls asleep again and below both he and Arya the ground suddenly opens up and starts pulling them down. While Ryder stabs the create below Arya I grab her arms and pull her out. Zippy somehow is able to pull out both Drake and the creature itself. It flies over Drake and Zippy, not living long as he is now away from the safety of the ground. Thom's arrow finally slays it.
Leaving the one still in stasis, guess that still works even if Drake is asleep. Hoping we can get some information from it, the stasis is released and Thom tries to use his calming skills on it. But I guess the creature was too wild to be calmed by Thom. Being released, the thing whipped back his head against Ryder holding his sword to his neck. Without hesitation, Ryder decides to go for the safe bet and slices his sword across the neck of the creature. It quickly crumbles to dust, leaving only a skull as was with the other one.

Drake wakes quickly, but we could not wake Arya. But with the chance of more of these creatures around and us not getting anywhere in this place, we decide to move on towards Norou and the Shear. We recover the tent from the wallside and use it to make a stretcher to drag Arya behind us.
It took about half a day before Arya woke up again. She was confused and seemed to be missing the whole fight from her memory. Guess the attack might leave some permanent damage, let's hope the small memory loss would be all.

Day 64 of our seven year journey (14th of Kiltental)

It took us 14 days to reach Norou, 5 days to the wastes, 2 days before we saw a road and 7 days more before we got in sight of this horrible place. The effect of the growing Great Slab was the same as before, the farther we got from it, the bigger it seemed. It still had a story to tell, but it was not for us yet.
The only thing interesting about Norou was that it was before the Shear, which actually looked exactly like the Great Slab behind us was cut ot from it and placed where it is now. Almost the same size and straight walls leading up to the tops of the mountains. The city itself was not a place of stories, it had the most drab and sullen people in it. It was the biggest place we had ever been to, filled with people, not with friendlyness though. They were mostly focused on themselves and seemed angry at the world most of the time. Even the spirits floating around seemed to do it at half speed somehow. There were some pubs, but none were interested in the entertainment I could bring or even the profits that could be gained from it. We definitely did not feel at home here, so much that we decided on the spot to just move on and leave the city behind us as soon as possible. We learned that there was another city on the other side of the Shear, maybe that place would be better. Though withe size of the Shear, it would take some days to travel through.

As we move through the city, we get the feeling not everyone is minding their own business after all. We were being watched and followed. And it did not take very long before a woman steps in front of our group. She was a younger woman, not much older than us, dark skinned with a short asymetrical green haircut. She noticed us making our way to the other side and said she wanted to help with the preparations for the long travel through the Shear. She did not seem to have her story fully straight, but there wasn't going to be any hunting in there. She was trying to convince us to follow her to a place where there would be provisions.
I did not trust her and decided to try my new trick again. There were enough spirits to help me and it seemed they move a little bit faster around us somehow. As if they still felt the fresh energy coming from our group. I asked them to help me make contact with this woman's mind to see if any surface thoughts betrayed her intentions. Two sentences floated over the mind link towards me. 'They must come with me!' and 'I hope they have enough money with them'. Also a short image of a stately woman dressed in grey white robes appeared in my mind. She had long black hair, seemed to be between twenty and forty years of age and she had a calm expectant look on her face.

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