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Session 26 (Daina)

Experiencing Picalah

Played on November 22nd, 2015

18th of Sunlyth

The inn resembles any inn we have seen before. Long tables with benches lining them. Inside a pretty busy crowd consisting of people dressed in various colours, although red and grey are the dominant ones.
The bartender is dressed in grey and for good reasons we learn. He makes sure no colour, religion or Numenera related discussion will take place in his establishment, to avoid any risk of a brawl between the different factions of the city. Tal talks to Chicus the barkeep and arranges for two rooms and some food and drinks for us. He negotiates that we'll get to stay for free if Tal manages to substantially increase profits tonight with his performance.
Drake is chatting with various people in the inn, but often is met with silence when he asks anything related to the colors, or the creature found in the Lambent field. Chicus is really running a tight ship when it comes to discussion topics.
Meanwhile Ryder and I are continuing on our robot. The legs can walk on their own already, but often trip. I think I'll have to add its arms soon to balance it out when walking. A lady with pearly white skin and red eyes and hair joins at our table wondering what we're building. She really interested in our project, so we show her all the parts we got done yet.

Halfway through the night, Ariya has also found the Inn after her adventures in the Priory. When she sees us, she joins us but we quickly tell her to keep the stories about the green people to herself for now. Once we head to our room, she starts telling us what she experienced tonight.
First as she entered the Priory there were about 20 people in green glittery garbs. A glitter column was standing in the middle of the room and the walls were decorated with geometric figures. Ariya started meditating her usual way. But this really went downhill fast as she entered some weird nightmare like state. When she wakes from the nightmare, 10 people are standing around here, asking if she's doing alright. Then a group of five, consisting of two elderly women, two elderly men and one little girl came over to Ariya asking what just happened. Ariya tells about the nightmare, about gods arguing. The girl orders some people to bring Ariya to a room, where she'll have to wait until she's further examined.
In the room Ariya sees a cabinet with all kinds of glitter jewelry of which she takes a pendant.
After a while the smaller group lead by the girl comes to take Ariya to another room, where she sees a weird helmet attached to various wires. They let Ariya wear the helmet and it makes her experience the nightmare again. Afterwards it seems the girl also has seen what Ariya saw, somehow.

19th of Sunlyth

The next morning we all wake up. Ryder has the same color skin now, just like the woman who was so interested in our robot yesterday. Wow, I hope this isn't something contagious so I ask a waitress where we can find the nearest healer. We quickly head over to her and after we wait 20 minutes inline we're allowed inside. (I try to scare of some people to make the line go faster by telling everyone that Ryder's condition is contagious, but noone seems to care) The healer quickly examines Ryder and comes to the conclusion that he isn't sick luckily.

Outside we decide to start to go looking for the south gate. On our way there we encounter a procession of the green people. The first few are carrying some kind of moving picture depicting Ariya who is lying on the floor moving as if she's having a really bad dream. Then the picture changes to show what seems to be the nightmare Ariya told us about. The people are chanting about building an altar for the peace god to avoid this from spreading and happening again. Yikes, they're even using Ariya for their propaganda. People notice Ariya is with us, and to avoid this from escalating Tal changes her to look like an old man. I disable the moving picture as I don't want more people to see this.
We wander of to the south of the city to avoid more weird looks and to check out the gate if we're allowed out towards the Lambent fields. But at the gate we're stopped by a big group of blue city guards. We'll definately not be allowed out their. Meh, I really would like to see the creature and perhaps talk to it...
Next we pay a quick visit to the market where we ask a glitter saleswoman about how they gather their glitter. The gatherers are still allowed outside of the city, but never do they get too close to the creature.
Our final visit in this city is the harbor where we find a captain who's willing to take us aboard on his vessel which is leaving for Lhauric. We'll get to go for free if we'll work hard enough.

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