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Session 27 (Daina)

Next stop: Lhauric

Played on November 29th, 2015

19th of Sunlyth - from Picalah to Lhauric

So we got onto the ship and really never looked back for the creature in the Lambent fields. This is one of the places which has to go on my bucket list once we're done with these Kephi.
During our trip, Tal is fooling around a bit making music while the rest of us are working hard along with the rest of the crew to propel this vessel. Ryder and me try to get acquainted with the ship's engineer but is really not willing to share any information about the biomechanical thing which seems to be used as some part of the engine. We quickly are advised by the rest to leave the ship alone, so we're stuck on propulsion duty. Bored now...

11th of Moonlyth 414 - Lhauric

Four uneventful weeks have passed since we left Picalah. We discuss a bit with the captain if it would be possible for him to bring us to our island. But he tells us his ship isn't capable of traversing the see. We also learn that the island is called Salann and that it is known for all the salt. Apparently the sea itself is also salty.
Around noon on the 24th day we see a city appear on the horizon. Small villages, farms and windmills are already lining the river. And at nightfall when fires, torches and glowglobes are lit everywhere, we moor at the Lhauric harbor. We say our farewells to the captain and the crew. His ship isn't capable of traversing the sea, so we'll need to find another boat tomorrow to reach the island with the Kephi.

We wander through Lhauric for a while in search of an inn, when all of a sudden we hear an uproar coming from down the road. We head over to see what's going on, but a large crowd comes running towards us.
We try to push through, especially when Thom is grabbed by someone and is dragged towards the source of the noise. The person explains: "They have chosen someone for Challifani!". We see men in uniforms and wearing spiked helmets pointing at an individual lying on the floor. "It's a great honor to be chosen!". The man is dragged to his feet by the uniformed men. "To be chosen from the eighty-thousand people in the city to participate in the rituals!"
Ryder asks what rituals and the one who "guided" us here tells us he would really like to know but never has had the privilege of actually being the chosen one. It turns out he even tried to join the order but failed, even though he sacrificed quite a bit.
The group of men leaves the spot with the chosen one in their midst. "Make way! Out of our way!".
Another group is admiring the uniformed men and one of them drops on the floor in awe. We follow the procession for a while until we reach a square in the village with a building in the middle partially surrounded by a fence. Two uniformed men open the doors and let the procession in.

We leave the square and finally find an inn. As it's almost near midnight I quickly head over to our room and fall asleep. Ariya who shared the room with me does the meditation ritual, pondering about all the millions of gods she's all of a sudden confronted with. The next morning during breakfast I learn that the guys have gone out to visit the building again, but before they can figure out what happens inside they are discovered, so they run off.
Drake also learned yesterday that we should find a boat which is heading for Nebalich which is the capital of Seshar across the sea. Boats on that route usually visit the island of Salan which is our destination.

12th of Moonlyth

After we finished our breakfast we go back to the harbor, where we see six seaworthy ships. In front of one of them there's a group of the "Order of Truth" waiting to board the ship. It's pretty special they are here especially such a big group. As they're the master Numenera identifiers I rush over to them hoping that they're willing to share some of their knowledge.
As I reach them one of them, a woman, shows some interest, especially when looking at the pair of robot legs following me around and the parts sticking out of my backpack. I introduce myself and Ryder and learn that the woman is called Lady Kacy. She asks me about the robot. In return I ask them what they're doing here and if we could join them on their journey.
She introduces me to the captain who was about to ask them to board the ship as he was about to leave. The captain, with a Numenera necklace, tells us we can join on their journey for 30 shins each. I yell at the rest to join us so we can also board.

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