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Session 6 (Daina)


Played on May 17th, 2015

Sacrificing to the vortex - Day 14 of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

So as I was getting a little too curious for the Angels liking, I got hit by it and I ran away to avoid any further attacks from it.
In the meantime the inhabitants lead by Abrasal are trying to sacrifice us to the vortex. All around me there’s people fighting and I try to do my share for the good of the group.

Out of nothing a second angel appears, but Abrasal dismisses this as an illusions with some loud laughter. His followers are initially a bit startled but quickly regain their senses and continue their attacks on us.

Eventually we start to get the upper hand, especially when Abrasal is going down. This is a clear signal to the other to back of. This happens just in time as one of Abrasals followers was very close to pushing Drake into the Vortex as some form of sacrifice
Zavra kneels down beside him, but it seems there’s no way he can be saved anymore.
When Drake start to search his corpse and grabs his key, Ashley starts to pick a fight with him.
Tal tries to mediate and says Zavra is a way more suitable leader for this group than Abrasal could ever have been. It seems the Vortex agrees with this as a miniature version of the Angel appears on her shoulder, nodding in agreement.

While everybody is staring at Zavra in awe I hear a weird voice in my head. It seems the voice tries to tell me something, but its first two attempts are lost on me, as it speaks in languages I don’t comprehend. I try to repeat the sentences to avoid forgetting them. People closeby look at me weird.
I now notice that the angel on Zavra’s shoulder is gone and we’re moving to Abrasal’s room where he is keeping Shome captive.

Shome freed

When we enter this room, it turns out he kept a lot of luxury to himself. There’s a huge abundance of food and wine and expensive items. In the big chair there’s Shome chained to the chair back. Ryder quickly grabs the key and frees him.
As this is going on I again hear the same voice, but now it is talking my language, saying “The wall is gone”.
Zavra explains to us that the kids didn’t want to join, we just wanted to show them the truth. But now that she sees Abrasal’s room she’ll doubting how truthful he has been in his faith.
As Ryder freed Shome, he’s now investigating the room and rummaging through some items he finds in the corner. It looks like he has found some nice cyphers which we can use on our adventures.

A few of the group want to leave the complex as fast as possible to reunite Shome with Evanna. I would rather investigate this a lot more and I ask Zavra if we could get a tour of the place. I’m really curious which wall the voice is talking about. Pondering what this means, there’s the voice again: “The invitation is open”.
Drake is looking a bit flabbergasted too now. It turns out the same voice is occupying his head. He also heard my first sentence immediately followed by the one about the wall which is gone.
Thom, who was pretty eager to go, now also hears something: “If you come to where I am, any wish can be granted”. If that doesn’t convince him to remain here for a bit to explore, I don’t know what will.
When We speak about the voices, Zavra and the others stare at us in awe, as if we were disciples of the Vortex.

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