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Session 14 (Daina)

Bandits Vanquished, City Reached

Played on August 9th, 2015

Day 24 of our seven year journey (5th of Aftental) - Traktur poachers

As Thom opens the door he's welcomed by about seven enemies. Three of them aiming their bow and arrow at him, the rest brandishing axes, swords and shields. Thom, Drake and Ariya charge inside. I hold back a little as I don't want to be found right there in the frontlines. The bowmen still try to shoot me and Tal in the doorway.
Tal creates a mirror image of one of the more impressive leaderlike characters and makes this image order two of the bowmen to attack us in melee. Meanwhile Drake somehow immobilized the actual leader figure, right after I poked it with my lightbeam.
Shortly after all but one of the attackers are dead, somehow it felt too easy, but we're still glad we went through this this easily. We tie up the two women who remained alive. And when they've regained their mobility and senses we start to interrogate them. The leader's called Belora and she tells us they are indeed the traktur poachers and they still keep some of their loot in the storage room.
I then start looking for the source of the booming voice, while some of the others start investigating the rest of the keep. They end up with a few shins and a very nice cypher which I get to play with. Once I'm done playing with the booming keep voice device (it was sooo awesome!) we all prepare to head back to the city. With a a bit, ok, quite a lot of help from the poachers we reach the lake next to White Lake city where the poachers hid three rowing boats. The boats are covered with some kind of synth camouflage garments which I take along with me as it might come in handy sometimes. we fill the boat in the worst condition with the traktur parts we obtained from the keep. Then we tie it up for the traders of White Lake to pick it up. The other two boats we use to row across the lake, taking the two poachers with us.

Collecting our reward

As we arrive in White Lake we immediately head over to Deil to hand over the two remaining poachers. He asks us about the team who went lloking for them in the past. It turns out a few of that team had joined the poachers and got killed by us. We also tell Deil about the waiting boat with all the traktur parts, which can still be sold on the market.
For getting rid of the poachers we receive the promised reward of 100 shins. Thom also gets a very nice cypher for the traktur stuff.

By now it's getting late so we head back to the inn for some dinner, drinks and sleep. Tal thinks it would be a good idea so he tries his hand at storytelling. He tells the story about how we found and caught the poachers. People are very eager to hear this as they already had heard rumours this afternoon that someone had solved their traktur poacher problem. With some of the most awesome storytelling techniques, enriched by the use of his illusions he tells a story which will be remembered for many generations to come.
During the storytelling I notice Nehella and Ikyon looking kinda depressed as they had clearly hoped to be the ones to rid the lake of the poachers and collect the reward. But afterwards they come to Tal to honestly congratulate him and us with our achievement. I ask them if they'd consider us to be more capable fo scaling the Jagged Wastes. And they agree they hadn't expected us to pull this one of and thus we might stand a chance in the wastes, but the still strongly advise against it. They really sound sincere and I start to doubt our idea to cross the wastes.
Again, just like yesterday evening I go around collecting tips for Tal and hand over 50% of our earnings, which this time turned out to be 10 shins to the barkeep.
Before we turn in for the night we all decide that we'll take the long route around the wastes, first towards the Yosh-ul the Market City and then towards the Great Slab, followed by the city of Augur-Kala, after which we'll finally start towards our first Kephi.

Day 43 of our seven year journey (24th of Aftental) - Yosh-ul

After an 18 day trek we finally see something resembling a settlement at the horizon. It doesn't look like a city at all, but what do we know about cities. It's more like a huge group of nomads set up camp here. As we get closed we notice an occasional more permanent building, but still all looks like it could've been set up in a matter of a few days, and thus also could be packed up again and the area left behind barren. The number of people we see walking around is much larger than what we got used to in White Lake. on the horizon, miles and miles behind the city we notice something which resembles the Great Slab, or at least what we envisioned it might look like.
People paying attention notice that the people walking around carry colors, signs, flags and marks indicating that they belong to various tribes. People who pay less attention, like Thom, get pickpocketed however.
One elderly grey haired man stands out as he's quite obviously observing us as we're passing between the tents into the city. As he's the first and only one who's really paying attention to us we decide to ask him what this city is all about. Garm, as he's called, explains us how this city works and how nomads and traders settle here for a few days, weeks or sometimes even years before moving along again. He also explains about Vona, the Great Mother, who somehow keeps peace here.

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