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Session 41 (Tal)

Kephi of the elemental people

Played on March 27th, 2016

27th of Aftental

We made our way north again with the fruit from the orchard. For three days it floated above Drake before we came to an empty field. Only smallish dried bushes could be seen, but the rest was just a dry dead field. It almost looked burned. We were just deciding to go through or around the field that we heard the sound of a cricket, but then of a lot larger version. The decision was easily made after that, around the field it is. We turned right and made our way in the relative safety of the trees. But it wasn't enough though, we were still to close.
Out of nowhere two six legged creatures appeared from underground and jumped us. I was talking to Drake and didn't see one of the creatures bumping into me and pinning me to the ground. Old corpses of past battles were still sticking to the sharp spikes of those creatures. Luckily Thom was close by and started bashing the creature like there was no tomorrow. I have no idea what happened to the other creature, but it had already died before I was out from under the other and safe into the trees again. It hurt like hell, but it was over quite quickly.

After a short rest and some more distance from the field we started to make our way north again. Back to the mountain range. We needed to return the fruit to the mountain spirit and make our way into the mountain. It took us another day before we were back into the mountain range and another half day to get back to the top again. The glass road that was here last time was gone, it was no easy way up with the road, how was it going to be without it?
Luckily someone was bright enough to shout up for help and it actually worked. The glass road appeared again and we were able to reach the edge of the crater. The particle cloud was still raging inside the creature. It spoke to us last time, asking for the fruit. Drake decided to just float the fruit into the cloud. It seemed to work, because Drake suddenly said he was not in control anymore and the fruit was going in further. Inside the cloud it was like it was testing the fruit, as the fruit changed shapes and suddenly exploded and then reappeared again.
The voice appeared again, as if floating just next to our ears. 'Ahhh, good quality this is. The way forward is open!' it said. The clouds suddenly started to open and a stone plateau appeared right in front of us. Leading to a stairway down into mountain. But the path was going to be hard to see with the darkness down there. Luckily more appeared before us, we were all given some kind of glasses. It wasn't perfect, but we could see outlines of the path ahead somehow. A soft glow appeared at the edges, that was all. We started making our way down, slowly walking, making sure we didn't fall all the way down. The first part was more of a maze than a direct route down, there was only one way to go but it had sharp turns and there was not much sense in direction. After a while we could see a yellow glow appear below us, in the center of the crater. The clouds didn't continue down, but in the exact center and the path continued downwards at the edge of the crater. It took us another 30 minutes walking as the path spiraled down until we came to the bottom.

As we made our way towards the yellow glow we started to make out the shapes. They seemed like buildings, a village of glowing houses, though none had any way inside. The Kephilim was pointing to the exact center, so we made our way past the glowing buildings. We were not surprised when at the center of the village, just below the pillar of cloud, there was the familiar sight of a Kephi. When we got close to the Kephi we were suddenly surrounded by a wall of the same glowing yellow light. No way back it seemed, but that was no problem at the moment, we were here for the Kephi. We took our Kephilim and put our hands on the Kephi and we were taken into a dreamworld again.
As always we started above the place of the Kephi and floated downwards into the same mountain. A big city of colorful buildings was below us. But not only yellow glowing colored buildings, but also others. Mostly yellow though. Elemental creatures were living there, fire creatures, water creatures, earth and air. They were able to create buildings from their own body or absorb what they dug out the ground and not change the way they looked. It was a wondrous city, filled with activity. Though it was wondrous, it was somehow most horrid to watch. We were pulled through the experience, sometimes normal, but mostly upside down or at some crooked angle. After a blurring our view turned towards the edge of the crater we could see Lukarion and Ingana standing there. The creatures of the city greeted them both in a friendly way.
Another blur and we were suddenly in another place altogether and elemental creatures were standing around the familiar particle cloud. Was this the time and place it was created? But for what reason and what happened to the elementals after that. We were not finding out though, we woke again at the Kephi. Feeling sick from the twisting view, needing some time to get our acts together.
One more question from the cloud sounded in our ears: What have you learned? I do not know what the others answered, but I was just curious what happened to his people and this I asked. Maybe that was not the correct answer, all I got was: 'That was then'. Maybe the others had a better answer, because the wall disappeared and we were allowed to leave again.

For some foolish reason Thom and Drake were interested in what was inside the houses. I just wanted to leave. Drake created a portal into the building and put his head inside through the portal. Drake painfully found out the buildings didn't have an inside and were fully made of the same stuff. He got zapped and passed out with his head still inside the building. Thom was quick enough to pull him out, but that was just stupid.
After waking him up again, we quickly made our way up. to the crater edge and away from the mountain.

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