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Session 36 (Daina)

The Twin Towers

Played on February 14th, 2016

29th of Kaizenar - The first tower

We walk down streets lined with houses and shops and finally end up near the first of the two towers with the huge bug on top. The tower is covered with some kind of reflective surface and as we get closer we see a reflection of something which seems further away than it should be, but we don't see a reflection of ourselves, pretty weird...
There's a big tube linking the two towers together, but that isn't covered with the reflective material.
Tal asks a passerby about the tower and if we can go in. But everyone advises against it. Supposedly, there's something evil lurking inside. Everyone refers to this tower as Luigolamis, and when they talk about the other tower, they call it Jargolamis. Drake finds out that someone is building a second bridge and that some kind of king lives in the tower.
As I'm getting bored I want to go and see inside, so I open the door and go inside. Bystanders back off a bit when I do this. MC, Drake and Ryder follow me inside. We enter a corridor which ends at another door. We knock but no one answers, so we open it. Inside there's a large circular room with some construction in the middle with another set of doors. The room is somewhat lit with faulty glowglobes revealing various images of bugs and beetles.
We hear an annoying buzz and when it goes silent again the doors in the middle construction open up revealing a band of thugs wielding various weapons. The come walking towards us. The leader-figure in front asks us what the hell we're doing here. She tells us to get lost as this is their domain and they chase us out of the tower. The rest of our group is waiting there on a now almost completely empty square. I decide it'd be a good idea to get away from the tower so I continue walking on until I reach the crowd on the edge of the square. Eventually the rest of the group follows and the group of thugs retreats back into the tower.

The second tower

We decide to walk to the other tower. But to reach it we have to cross through the outskirts of the city surrounding the first tower. This is a very filthy area with a lot of ramshackle houses.
But as we get close to Jargolamis, after half a day of walking, the houses look better again. Various groups of green-and-gold clad guards patrol the streets here.
Drake decide it's a good idea to get rid of some of the crap we've been carrying around with us. He makes a nice amount of money which we split. The salesperson tells us about the tower; It's the house of the guards we've seen. There's even a tour which tourists can take to visit the tower. But you're only allowed to go halfway up into the tower. Next he also points us to a nice inn where we can stay the night. After a short walk we reach the 'Golden Kettle' where we wine and dine on some of the local cuisine which is mostly made up of Shiul-leg which is washed away with Yatzu.
The bartender has some interesting features. Half his head is made up by a Numenera implant. He explains he got this as he burned half his face in a fire accident.

30th of Kaizenar - Tourist attraction

The next morning after a good breakfast we go to Jargolamis to see if we can get into one of the guided tours. Halfway towards the tower, Ariya literally runs into a guard patrol accidentally grabbing a weapon. I still don't know how we managed to talk ourselves out of this. I suspect they're just friendly to lead us to the prison without any hassle, but we'll see.
As we walk towards the tower, flanked by the guards, they tell us about the 'Skyway' which is being build. They also explain about the rivality between the two cities surrounding either tower. When the new connection is made they'll know how awesome this city actually is they tell us.
As we reach the tower we notice this is made up of the same reflective material. When we look closer this time, it really looks like it resembles the tower on the other side. We pay the entry fee and join a guide who tells us everything which is there to know about the tower. The walls of the tower seem somewhat translucent which allows for a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Finally we reach the top floor which we can reach during the tour. I try to bribe the guide into leading us further upstairs but he doesn't get it. The last thing he explains is that the Queen lives in this tower.
From this floor we check where our Kephilim's are pointing and we notice very pointy (even unnatural) mountains. We also notice a huge chasm very far north from the city. And the guard tells us about a sunken temple 20 days west from here when he notices us investigating our surroundings.

31th of Kaizenar - On the road again

we spend another night in the inn and the next day we say our farewells and north to the pointy mountains. After a week the roads changes direction as we enter a small city. We decide to leave the road to continue towards the mountains. Some old man we encounter during this trip tells us about the Voil Chasm. Apparently it's not safe and a city was ripped in two when the chasm formed. Dangerous creatures live there nowadays.
After another week of walking we finally reach the foot of the mountain and another three days later we finally are getting close to the pointy mountains. During the trip, the number of villages and homesteads has drastically reduced to almost zero where we are now. We encounter the ruins of a once glorious city. The Kephilim is still pointing in the same direction so we continue.
That night we reach a settlement with a walled field. A plowing-bot is still doing his job here. I talk to him for a bit but he's not smart enough to have a decent conversation. All I learn is that it has to plow the field. And something about food being important to the Ukremen. I'm feeling a bit evilish so I construct a labyrinth for the bot to navigate through. After a while the bot flips out and starts trashing the labyrinth walls.

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