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Session 46 (Tal)

Kephi in a fortress

Played on May 1st, 2016

10th of Sunlyth

Frustration! How many times do I have to warn some people not to do any talking when meeting new people. Specially when those people are armed and inside a fortress with a big wall! I made my way from the walls back to the edge of the forest and saw balls fly from the wall towards the others. They did not hit anyone but Arya caught one. A nice feat indeed, but without properly inspecting it she put it in a pocket. The others ran towards the forest as well, but before Arya could move the balls opened with a loud click and gas started to come out. Before she could take one step she fell to the ground. To make sure we weren't attacked again Drake used his telekinesis to lift Arya from her spot on the ground to safety inside the treeline. Guess we needed a plan.

We scouted around the fortress to get a feeling of the place and if the Kephi was indeed inside the fortress. Some of us wanted to go straight back to the gates and ask to enter again. Luckily I was able to convince them to make a proper plan and wait till the next day for it's execution.
As Zippie did not want to leave the robot behind, Ryder and Zippie spend the evening removing it's legs, arms and head from it's torso. All parts wrapped safely inside packs. The next day I would disguise all of us to look like representatives of the Order of Light. The Gayans said this fortress was not in their hands, so we assumed it was the Order in there. And then we would try to convince the inhabitants of the fortress that we were in search of a powerful Numenera device and that we came in name of Father Lambricks.

The next day we made our way towards the fortress and started our play. It took some talking from Drake and me but it seemed that they were letting us in. Though something did not feel right somehow.
The gate opened, but there were no Order guards in there. Six guards in black, brown and gold were standing there, waiting for us to enter. Ryder thought they were of some other Numenera gathering group, but he could not name them or tell us their intent. We decided to go in anyway and the gate closed behind us.
A female leader of some kind removes her helmet and asks us what we want. We tell her our story again and Drake shows his Kephilim to show her that we can find the artifact. When she asks for the Kephilim Drake hesistantly gives it to her. When she decides she can keep it and starts to walk away, Drake uses his telekinesis to grab it back. Her fase hardens with dislike but tells us she knows what we are looking for and beckons us to follow. We make for one of the towers and inside three more guards start following. This was their place and they had an advantage in that, and we were not quite sure if they were just rough or meant us harm. We all stayed close to Zippie, if things went bad our backup plan was going to be for her to teleport us to safety.
Inside the tower we were led down into the catacombs of the fortress and we quickly lost our headings. They led us to a large chamber, the first chamber since we went into the catacombs. The guards spread out a bit and we were able to see what was in the room. Which was not a happy sight. A round flat glowing area was surrounded by metal beams on the ground leading from the centre in three different directions. At the end of these beams three vertical beams held three people. They were in bad shape, one was a Gayan.
The idea that this encounter might be kept friendly was quickly over as the leader demanded our Kehphilim and they attacked. We were surrounded, outnumbered and in a place we knew nothing about. After some initial actions we decided to take our leave and go for our plan of retreat. We all quickly touched Zippie and she made us disappear. We appeared outside the forest again, in need of another plan.

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