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Session 5 (Tal)

Guess the Vortex was not just a thing of the mind

Played on May 10th, 2015

Day 14 of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

Running away could have been a good plan if all of us actually did try to run away. Though in retrospect, if all of us actually decided to run away we would have had the bad luck of Ryder tripping over something anyway. And maybe then we wouldn't have noticed him falling soon enough and we would have had other problems.
We promised Evanna that we would have a look inside and help this Shome kid if he so desired. That scratches out the option of them leading us outside. We wouldn't be able to get inside our even find the place again. Evanna might be safe then, but she will have lost her brother. That doesn't really give us much options in our current situation though.
Ariya and Thom were still looking flabbergasted at our attempt to run away, Ryder was on the ground and the rest of us were as good as in the dark part of the corridor wondering what best to do. It was Gregor that made the first real decision on what to do next. He jumped forward and rammed his knee in Ryder's vulnerable back attempting to pin Ryder down. Things were going to escalate fast from there.

We were six and there were only four of them, but they looked pretty confident with their weaponry. I decided we needed some extra help to turn things our way, without coming out of the fight with too many wounds. These people were obvious believers of their angel, let's see what happens if this angel appears and tells them fighting is not the way to go.
Let me see if the spirits of this place are willing to listen and help me make a vision of this angel of theirs. 'Dear spirits of old, lend me your inner light. Take this picture in my mind of an angel I saw earlier and make it appear among us. And let him speak these words: Stop! These are friends!'
The appearance of a glowing angel speaking those words made them pause in their actions. And once more I ask the local spirits to speak more words: 'Stop fighting! This is a time for peace, not battle!'
The result is far beyond what I expected. Duranis and Nile are crumbled and shivering on the ground, Ashley l simply runs away in fright. Gregor is only slightly less impressed. But being blasted against the wall by some kind of force coming from Drake and a quick reacting Ariya taking him in an armhold gives him other things to worry about. I quickly take the weapons of Nile and Duranis before letting them run away as well. The three of them running back should only create chaos for the two people left in the livingspace. With that chaos and no Gregor to lead them we should be easily able to control the situation and get our talk with Shome.

It takes some time, but after a while the others are able to get some sense into Gregor and he is able to tell us that Shome is in the direction of the livingspace. When we free this Shome, we will have our first good story to tell when we finish our pilgrimage. Good times ahead!
Too bad it wasn't that easy. Yes there was some chaos in the livingspace, but we surely didn't have full control. There were more people there than we expected, and I guess Gregor wasn't the leader after all. Duranis and Nile were excitingly rambling about their experience with their angel, but not just to Zavra and Vean. There were three new people standing there. And our eyes immediately fell to the enormous bald man standing in the middle of the group. This was obviously the man in charge, he was calmly listening to the raving stories. By no means believing any of it, neither was anyone else, simply because they revered this man and if he didn't believe it, why should they?

We made our way downstairs thinking we still stood a change against this man, but our attempts were ignored and swept aside. We were not welcome here, and again our requests to speak to Shome were denied. This man, Abbrassal he was called, simply decided there was only one way to deal with the situation. We would have to be sacrificed to the Vortex. Somehow we were changed into meek lambs again and we were led back up and to the door at the back of the upper gangway. I cannot speak for all of us, but for some the chance to see this Vortex was more important than the idea that it could mean our death when we were thrown inside. This place, or maybe this man was having an affect on us. We were still young, to easily misled or intrigued by new things. Or maybe some of us were simply to convinced they could handle any situation they would be thrown in. I am not sure what my reasons were, but I felt some pull towards this Vortex as well.

Behind the door there was another room we were in when we entered this place. The same thing happened as last time, the doors closed and we felt like going down. What mystery is this, who would build a room that could move up and down. How deep in the ground would we be right now? A felt a shiver going through me. Part excitement, part fear.
The door opens again and we behind leads a hallway to the left leading to double doors in the end. There is another door in the left wall of the hallway as well, but we are led past it without a word. Lights are turned on in this hallway again, but except for the doors it's empty.
The double doors have need of a key as well, but as Abrassal opens them himself, the others probably cannot open them. As with the other doors they open with keys he goes into an elaborate ritual to open it. Respect for the spirits in this place is a good thing, but they call for no fancy useless rituals. Daina and Ryder would agree with me on the useless ritual part, though not as to how it works though. Ah well, if their own parents could not convince them otherwise, what can I do?

I was not prepared for this place. It was an enormous room and it actually had a Vortex of some kind in it. It was a special place, they spirits of the place were calling out to all of us. But I had no idea what they were going on about. It was a lot warmer in there as well, the Vortex seemed to be part of a fiery ball of which only a part was coming out of the left wall of the room. It was protruding from the left wall of the room, above a half circle raised podium and the warmth seemed to be coming from it. A large four legged metal machine was walking through the room from one panel located on the left side of the podium to another on the other side of the podium. There was some kind of shrine to this place located at the other side of the room against the wall.

If not for the current predicament we were in, this would have been an amazing place to be.

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