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Session 22 (Daina)

The first one goes out to you, Gwenyth!

Played on October 11th, 2015

8th of Hebendar - ascending the deep descent

So we continue to ascend into the tube when all of a sudden Thom at the top, and Tal as the last of our group let out a small yelp. We can only slightly make out some weird white light protruding through the walls. Then we hear some voices;




As it turns out these creatures resembling the Ryder's half brothers from the Sheer were apparently feeding on the energy which was spilling from the pipe we fixed. To avoid being pushed down the tube by the creature we promise to change it back the way it was before we leave. A handshake later and we're allowed to continue to climb up. The creatures disappear back into the wall.
The climbing is starting to take its toll and Tal and Drake nearly slip and fall down. Then some few yards further up, one of Ryders supports breaks and he barely survives with the help of Thom.
But eventually after a 500 yard climb we literally see some light at the end of the tunnel. And once we climb out we're greeted with a tremendous view of the Clock of Kala. We're standing on a large rocky plateau high up in the air. This might be the base of the mountain. Once we have a better look around, we notice a small hut standing somewhat to the western side.
As the sun is about to set I ask the rest if it would be an idea to set up camp for the night here, and then investigate the hut tomorrow, but some have already run off.

After the rest have been in the hut for a while, they ask me to join them inside to spend our night. Inside there's a pedestal with a blue big ball of about 3 yards across. I'm glad I can convince the others to hold off using our Kephilim until tomorrow so we can make this into a small event in the honor of Gwenyth. Before we get some sleep though we decide to enjoy the sunset and check out the edges of the plateau. On one side we spot Urzat Zarteri build on a small hill with fortifications we can distinguish even from up here. Far away on another side we can make out Sada Emidu, which looks like a big city built along a river bank.

9th of Hebendar - The first Kephi!

The next morning we're early and eager to rise to achieve our first visit to a Kephi. I say a few words in remembrance of Gwyneth and then we all draw our Kephilim.
We count down to 0 and all touch the Kephi with our Kephilim at the same time. There's this big bright light and a storm of memories from Lukarion and Ingana. First there's a war going on between two tribes of weird creatures, in the memories we're flying above them. The next scene depicts Lukarion and Ingana holding hands while overlooking a wasteland destroyed by war. Then we see them helping creatures rebuild a village followed by the last scene where we see them building this hut on the mountain base.
Some bits and pieces of the memories resemble the stories which were told during sunday school. But there were some specifics which we had never heard of, which seemed to be targeted specifically at us!
The light coming from the Kephilim isn't as bright anymore but it's a comforting pulsating kind of light. One of its facets has also changed color.

Now we need to decide what we'll do about the promise for the light creatures. But first we'll need to climb down to the top of the mountain again. I quickly head down the tube as I think we're wasting daylight by standing here arguing. Once we have climbed down, we decide it should suffice to turn off the console again. The tube stops vibrating and I hope this will do the trick as we might run into some of their acquaintances along the Sheer.

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