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Session 2 (Daina)

Someone whispered "Lakemonster!"

Played on April 19th, 2015

Day 4 of our seven year journey (17th)

So as we all start to wake up on the hillside overlooking the lake. During breakfast some of our group tell about the weird whispers they heard during their watch. Perhaps I should have payed a little more attention to what was going on at the lake, instead of playing with my new toy...
When we are done eating we head down to the actual lake. The shore is kinda swampy so we start moving along the edge for about half an hour, until we notice some debris which looks like a boat of some sorts. This might belong to the fishermen who went missing the other day.
Ryder and Thom investigate the wreckage and try to get it afloat again. But as they're working on that, something stirs in the lake. Seemingly dead heads on stalks pop up through the surface of the lake. But even though they look dead, the mouths are moving and now everybody can hear the weird whispering.
We suspect this is the actual lake monster so some of us pull out their weapons. To get some distance between us and it I set up a wall using my lightning wall projector. The monster isn't impressed yet and keeps moving towards the wall and us. More and more tentacles with heads attached break the surface, causing even more whispers and other weird noises, as the heads also include some animal heads.
When the first heads reach the wall, they bump into it, without actually going through it, as they look quite hurt by the lightning. Th talks with heads start moving alongside the wall, occasionally still bumping into it.
As the heads round the corner, going around the wall, they get in range of our ranged attacks, so we let them have quite a beating. The beast is now in more shallow water and we can see what the stalks are attached too. It looks like a giant turtle, which now sometimes can be seen just beneath the surface.

After exchanging blow for quite a while eventually we are starting to win it seems. Even though as the monster emerges from the lake, it turns out to have two huge claws, which it uses to attack the people standing within range.
I start running toward the beast as it has just clawed at Ryder, hurting him badly. But as I approach it, I hear some weird very clear whispers "You shouldn't have skipped class!". I run away again, scared from this event. In the meantime the others have noticed that the real intellect of the creature is in the turtle shell, not in the heads on the stalks. So everybody starts to focus on the shell and the eyes which can be seen just beneath the shell. It takes a lot of blows, but eventually the stalks go limp, dropping the heads and the monster collapses.

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