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Session 28 (Tal)


Played on December 6th, 2015

12th of Moonlyth

Wow, just wow. We were on a boat before, but that was nothing compared to the huge ship before is. Four tall masts rising into te sky, some sort of cloth hanging on crossbeams. They told me the cloth was called sail and it was there to catch the wind. But I had no idea how a flat surface could catch anything. And why would the air spirits let themselves get caught so easily, there must be something in it for them aswell. I will take my time to study the spirits on this stranger journey over so much water. I could see no end to the water, it stretched as far as I could see. And then there was something called waves, water spirits pushing the water up and towards the land for some reason. It was going to be an enormous experience, I was going to enjoy every moment of it. The crew of twenty was going to make this ship go the way they wanted. Ten days to Salann, this island of salt. No idea how that would work, but that was then. Now is to enjoy the voyage there.

We took time during the voyage to get as much information about Salann as we could. One of the first things we learned was that the island is bad for Numenera. Well, that matched the absence of Numenera in the group from the Order of Truth. They left all their stuff behind in Astaria, the nearest home of the order.
Salann has one port, one place of entry to the island. They call it the Salted Port, not too much of a creative name, but ok. That port was the only place on the island people not of the island could go. At least, we learned that there was some kind of cleansing ritual that might allow us on the rest of the island. We were going to need it as it did not seem to be that our destination was in the port, but somewhere else on the island.
The people of the island are called the Order of the Lady of the Salted Way. A nice long name not saying too much, but nice to use in a song or a story. I decided to get a good story from that place. The captain of the ship told us the ritual was quite painful, but that he has done it a few times as he needed to do some trade there. The leader of the order of the Salted Way was called Halite Gabra, though the Halite part was a title of somesort. We would have to talk to her to be able to continue our journey inland. Let's hope she is willing to talk to us.

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