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Session 47 (Daina)

Colzo here we come

Played on May, 22nd, 2016

The final Kephi

We spend a few nights camping out in the woods, gathering our strengths and attempting to gather some intel about where we might find our last Keph. The Numenera tell me "It's on the other side", whatever that may mean.
That night we all prepare for anything which could possibly happen in the room we've been in before and I teleport us in. There's four guards, two on either side of the room, but they're pretty baffled by us appearing out of thin air.
We manage to kill two of the guards, one is in stasis and the fourth somehow turned invisible and ran outside. We now focus on the three humanoids tied up against the three poles in the room. Ariya not so subtly breaks their thumbs to remove the shackles. I think I'll just use my cutting light to release them.
Once they're all freed and taken care of the energy in the middle of the room starts to dissipate. Once the energy field is gone, all that remains is our final Kephi! We quickly pull out our Kephilim as we hear footsteps approaching through the hallway. To buy us some time, Drake sets up a wormhole portal, something which will throw them back into the hallway when they try to enter.

Our final vision

We wake up flying high above the world, somewhat near the Amber Monolith! It's inhabited somehow as we notice lights, movement, flora and fauna along terraces on the sides of the Monolith. This becomes even clearer when we see humanoids and light-greenish "aliens".
We continue our flight across the Plane of Brick where various humanoids tribes are happily living together. No indication yet of the fortress we've seen. We see Lukarion and Ingana looking really pleased. I can surely imagine why with all the peaceful people gathering here and living together.
After the vision, we get an unexpected second one. This hasn't happened before!
Lukarion and Ingana thank us for the spiritual and physical trip we've made and tell us to bring these lessons back to Colzo. They also explain to us how to get back and make Colzo reappear on the spot where it vanished about one and a half years ago. Too baffled to respond I wake up from this final vision, pondering what to do.

The approaching footsteps however quickly bring me back my senses. I gather up my friends and we teleport to the Pirate Queen's city. Where I expect we should be safe.

The remaining years of our trip

As we still got quite a few loose ends to check out we agree that it would be cool to learn more about our world. With the help of my teleportation skills we revisit a lot of locations. Learn what's really going on everywhere, but eventually after seven years have passed the Yearning catches up with me.
We collectively speak the words given by Lukarion and Ingana. It feels like a vision again but much more real. We fly across the world towards where Colzo is supposed to be. During our flight we feel certain skills fading, but certain memories and visions become clearer. As we reach Colzo it's all there again, just like we left it years ago! Glad to be back, but I wonder what has really happened exactly the last seven years...

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