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Session 7 (Daina)

Crystal attack

Played on May 24th, 2015

Day 14 of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

We are standing outside of Abrasals room. Ariya, Drake and Ryder decide to go back to the Vortex room to see if any wal is gone now. In the meanwhile I try to convince Zavra to allow us to remain here for a few more weeks so we can investigate this enormous interesting structure. One of the followers thinks I want to convert to a follower of the Vortex, but that’s a bridge too far for now.
While discussing, all of our group present here hear the messages again. Asking Zavra about what Abrasal heard, she explains that he was told to convert people and that Gregor should be the boss. I highly doubt that’s what he actually heard.

Next we hear the message “dress for the occasion” and an elaborate explanation how to get to a certain room in the structure, leading away from the enlightened path. I grab Abrasals luxurious robe from his robe and hope this will be appropriate enough for whatever occasion the voice in our head has in mind. In one of the robe's pockets I discover a small canister which I’ll have to investigate later.

Ariya, Drake and Ryder now return from the Vortex room. Ariya looks a bit sad holding a stick which used to be a torch. AS we discuss the voices and how to dress, Drake tells us he didn’t hear anything. I think one of his implants is interfering with the voices, blocking them out.

We head over to the common room to get some rest and to discuss what the room could be about which the voices told us to go too. Zavra also explains more about their beliefs in the Vortex and what they know about this structure and the Narlex. They don’t know where it appears aboveground. But they use it to go to the outside world, recruiting new followers, buying supplies and to leave a mark in the world.
I think it would allow for awesome opportunities if someone managed to control where the Narlex would go.

After we all rested a bit, we start to follow the directions we received. Zavra joins us albeit hesitantly as they were never allowed to leave the enlightened path. At the end of the route there’s a door blocking the entrance to what we think will be the room we’re invited too.
Using a key and the top and bottom notch, the door opens, revealing a pretty huge room, comparable to the Vortex room in size. This one however contains a completely different interior.

I walk in, while Drake uses one of his devices to scan the room. To my left and right I see lagr tripods with bowls, about 3 feet across, on top of top. Alcoves on the left and right contain weird crystals. The one on the right “spawns” some kind of weird bird which starts to walk towards me. I try to get it to come to me, but it just walks on past me and outside the door.
A slope in the middle of the room leads up to a large platform, so I decide to climb it to get a better view of the rest of the room.
Now Ryder and Drake also enter the room. Ryder starts to float up in the air about 10 feet and then falls down again. Drake just falls unconscious upon entering. I think they weren’t appropriately dressed than. Ryder helps Drake get up again and gives him some water. He appears to be fine again now.

The next thing that happens is that in the bowls on the tripods crystals are starting to form very rapidly. I scan of them and learn it’s pretty impressive. Hopefully they don’t mean us any harm. I wear my bracelet of defense to prepare for the worst. Drake quickly comes running towards me to get between me and the approaching crystal.
Thom now also enter the room, also wearing a robe so nothing happens to him, followed by Tal who get’s covered in sticky orange goo.

It turns out the crystals aren’t friendly at all as they start to attack us. Combat ensues.

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