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Session 44 (Tal)

The Amber Monolith

Played on April 24th, 2016

2nd - 23rd of Hebendar

We made our way to Auspar by boat. This must be the Queens ship, it was enormously luxerious parts were surely Numenera. Great beds, good food and people to serve us. But I wasn't really into it. It seemed I gave the show of my lifetime to get this free trip to Auspar. Could I ever do better than that? Was I already at my peak?
The captain of the ship offered to take us even farther than Auspar as according to him Auspar was a city without any interesting people or places. We could see the buildings of Auspar as we passed it by. On top of every building was a needle, towering into the sky. And those needles were connected to each other with ropes or cables. The needles even left the city to the west, leading the cables into the mountains. But my mind wasn't into finding out what they might do or even lead to. We decided to take the captain up on his offer and we passed Auspar by. He told us about a city called Shalamas, though he would not take us that far. Eight more days by boat and one more day of walking.

23rd - 24th of Hebendar

Shalamas was enormous, we came upon a valey which was almost fully filled by the city. High stone walls and guard towers surrounded the complete city. No high buildings though, mostly tentlike buildings filled the valley. If I had to guess there would probably be around eightythousand people living here. We came from the south, but the walls did not have a gate on this side so we had to make our way to either the east or west side port. The West side port being the closest one, we made our way there. We arrived there at dusk and six guards were there to uphold order; green flower emblems on their breast armor. They were watching, but not actively stopping anyone from entering, so we made our way inside. Going through the gate we watched in awe as the wall was immensely wide, eight meters by my estimate. But it had to be this wide to keep up a stone wall of about ten meters high.
Behind the gate was a big market, but after that the roads stopped. It was just filled with the rest of the city. And when slowly night conquered the sky the market did not stop. Glowglobes were lit and people just kept peddling their wares. Not only was this city larger than any we had seen, there seemed also to be more Numenera as common goods. We sae this even further when we entered our inn of the night. The Orders Choice was filled with tables of partly metal and synth, and the bar was fully made of synth and was full of flashing lights.
We paid for a nights food and sleep and I went to bed almost immediately after dinner. I still was in no mood for anything.
I woke up the next morning clearheaded and refreshed. Why had I been such a drag the last few weeks? There was so much to do still, so much to see! Our lifes quest to finish and even more to tell stories about. I felt great again. Time to go downstairs and see if the others had not wasted last night and learned things about our destination to the north.
The Amber Monolith was our next destination, it was in the same country as this city. Part of Evereen, but not part of Evereen. Evereen had no power of the Amber Monolith and it is a touchy subject. Though it seemed most people looked positively towards the Order of Truth. They had some people here in Shalamas, but mostly to help people with Numenera. The Amber Monolith apparently is in the middle of the Plain of Brick. A streetlike plain as far as the eye can see. They also learned there was a pass called the Tremble pass that led through the Black Riage to our side of the world. It might be a way back, although Zippie has been talking about teleporting back when we were done. I haven't seen her do any teleporting yet, but she doesn't lie about things like that, so it's probably true.
Time to leave and see what this Amber Monolith is like and if the Order was going to allow is to see.

24th of Hebendar - 17th of Sobendar

We left through the north gate of Shalamas, following a large traders route road. A lot of traders at first, but slowly more and more traders went their own ways into the west or east. That left us walking north on smaller roads, from village to village. We traveled into hills and past a river leading west. It took us almost for weeks when we got to the Plain of Bricks. It must have been here from a past age, the bricks were too perfect. A perfect flat plain of bricks, this world surely did not have this kind of skill anymore. It took us another day of traveling over these bricks to get to the Amber Monolith. A monolith floating 150 meters above the plain, I would hazard a guess it being about 500 meters high. As with the plain, this monolith was not of this age. It was simply enormous and a true sight to see. Below the massive thing was a building of some sort, a square building; a fort of some kind. Most probably in hands of the Order itself. The Kephilim showed no activity yet, so either this was not were we needed to be, or we were not close enough yet. We made our way towards the building below the monolith. Even if the Kephi was not here, it was worth spending some of our time to see what there was to see here.
Which was a bit of a let down if you ask me. We met their local leader inside, and he was a bit of a zealot if you ask me. They apparently were in some kind of war with people up north and he was trying to convince us to join their fight. Father Lambricks he called himself. He would not even let us into the Monolith. They themselves hadn't gone in there in like ever. The guy who started the Order went in there, but no one else. Bit of a waste of a learning experience if you ask me. We were allowed to stay the night though. We learned that this was not the place of the Kephi. It was more probably in the main area of the war between the Order and the Gayans up north. The Gayans were from some kind of place called the Cloud Crysatl Sky Field and they were bad guys. No real explanation why though. Which gave us no reason to help them, but it was handy to know that we might come in between them and had to look out.

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