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Session 10 (Tal)

Heal the Citadel

Played on July 5th, 2015

Day 14 of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

As we make our way through another hallway towards the next room, the whole complex start to shake again. And not just a quick shake, but it's as if it would not ever stop. This place was in a bad shape, more large cracks were appearing in the floor and parts of the wall were slowly making it's way to the ground. It took all my skill to balance around the growing holes in the floor. Arya and Zippy weren't so lucky though. Once more we had we had some of us stuck in the flooring.
Drake still had the his teleporting wristband, but it was laying dormant in his hands. It did not have the interests of live spirits anymore, it needed some kind of spirit pull before could be used again. Luckily Ryder had something for this, a battery he calls it. It obviously has to be compatible and even then it might not work; as we found out after Ryder tried to match the battery with the wristband. I could feel the energy spirits leave the battery, but they just didn't think the wristband was a place of interest for them.

We had some equipment with us to slowly chip our way through the floor to free Arya and Zippy, but it would take at least an hour before we could get the first one out. With the state this place was in, we could not tell how much time we had before we all got trapped in here. Drake and Ryder came up with the idea to use the power artifacts we encountered earlier to recharge the wristband. The ones Ryder got the batteries from earlier. They were probably too powerful for a proper match. We had no idea if that much power would not overload in any way, but it was worth a look at least. I decided to keep on chipping on the floor and Thom took a look further ahead to prevent any bad surprises coming from that way.

Thom returned a short time later telling us about a room with some kind of big screen, some multicolor lights behind the open crack of a door and anoter room with a panel in the middle. And just when he was done talking a weird feeling appears in my stomach and we start floating up. I did not think it was possible, but somehow the ground spirits decided to stop pulling us downwards. What other people refer to as gravity was suddenly gone. I could only conclude that Drake and Ryder had somehow displeased the ground spirits by tapping into the spirit powers of this complex. I quickly grab towards Arya's free hand and she helps me at least steady my flight.

It didn't take long after that before Drake and Ryder made their way back to us, swimming in the air all the way. Though Drake had some help from the air spirits as he was a lot more in control of his flying. Ryder told us he was successful in charing the wristband, but some overflow of energy had the side effect of the gravity disappearing. As Arya was already partly dug free from the ground they gave the wristband to Zippy to teleport to the relative safety of the hallway. Luckily the freed space from Zippy also helped with freeing Arya shortly after that. We could make our way forward again, though our method of movement had changed a little.

We made our way to the ajar door in the next room. This time we were able to activate the panel beside the door, but the door itself wasn't moving. Back to brute force then. Thom forced himself between the wall and the door and started pushing. Not having gravity actually helped this time, I floated to the top of the door, wedged my staff between the wall and the door and applied force as well. And slowly but surely the door opened enough for us to pass through. Inside the room was a ball of multicolored light, hovering a meter above the ground. It was hard to focus on the ball, it had no comfortable edges and I could not quite decide if it was really there or not. It made my head spin and luckily I was afloat, otherwise I might have fallen down. I did not recognise any of the spirits around the ball, this was not something I would be able to do anything with. I offered them my respects and decided to stay clear of the thing, leaving it for the others to investigate.
Zippy did just that, walking around it, talking to it and somehow scanning the thing. 'It is some kind of device', she said. Just not one we have ever seen before, a lot more advanced and powerful. Somehow connected to everything around us, maybe even able to manipulate that same everything. But the cost of using it might prove disastrous to the controller. We left it alone for now, checking the rest of the place first. We returned to the previous room with the big screen. The panel beside it ofcourse immediately drew Zippy's attention. It took only a short time before the screen turned on and some sort light green bleuish energy mash was floating around on it. And another few button pushes later we were greeted by a familiar voice in our heads. The archaic slow voice introduces itself as Aridomus. We learn from it that this is the Citadel of Radiance and we are actually inside the sun. However unbelievable that sounds, it would match with the view outside of the windows and through the holes in the floor. There are more of them and they have always been there. Somehow time is different for them, but it has changed lately and the process of decay has quickened; they are close to an ending, if they keep on going like this. And the thing would rather not be at all, than be here and go through it all. He also tells us there is something close by that has enormous power and can help. This can obviously only be the ball we encountered earlier. Guess helping meant daring to use the device and hope it doesn't get worse.

Drake, Ryder and Zippy make their way back to the room with the device. After some more intensive examination, they decide the device can be used to manipulate all around us, shape it in any form wanted. It was some kind of physical reality creator. I had no idea how that was possible, but they were convinced it could be used by putting their hands inside it and actually build things thought up by the mind. Drake was the first to try, but it took all three of them to finish the job. They were totally drained after the ordeal, but it seemed it was worth it. The whole time they worked the Citadel was rumbling, but we could see it growing back to how it should be. When Zippy finally pulled back her hands, the rumbling stopped and we once more heard Aridomus inside our heads: 'I am once more and will be from now on again!'

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