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Session 34 (Daina)

The Ice Wall

Played on January 31st, 2016

10th of Drebental - Huge ugly creature with beast

We quickly prepare for the possibility that the humanoid and its pet are in a killing mood. As they get closer we learn how ugly and dangerous they might be. The giant is flailing wildly with its tendrils. The bearlike beast charges at us snarling and drooling.
Ariya is still up in the pillar. Ryder and me take on the bear. All the while the others are trying to flee the scene. After some hits we notice the others are running so Ryder decide we'd better bolt away from this creature as we don't seem to stand a chance with just the two of us.
The beast charges after us and by now the giant has reached the pillar. Ariya pulls out one of her cyphers and while doing some awesome somersaulting she manages to capture the large creature by tying it to the pillar with a synth cable from the cypher box. What she hadn't anticipated though is, that the cable cuts the pillar in half, but it's still stuck around the creature, cutting deep into its flesh.
The beast gets slaughtered by Ryder with the help of Thom and Drake as it reached us again. The creature yells "Not Akor!" as we continue to hurt his pet. Once its dead we bolt ride back to the remains of the pillar and the creature, but as he sees us approaching him he decides to flee yelling that we might have won this time. We then turn to face a second beast which appeared mid-fight and try to attack it. But it turns out it was "only" an illusion crafted by Tal to distract the creature.

As the pillar is cut in half it stopped functioning and heating the surrounding area, so the cold is already creeping into the area. We decide to scavenge some of the numenera parts sticking out of the pillar as they might come in handy some day.
Then the beast is slaughtered for a few days worth of rations.

15th of Drebental - The moving city

We decide to set up camp next to the broken pillar and continue our journey the next day. After walking five days we see a huge structure on legs on the horizon. Drake thinks this might be the moving city, but unfortunately it's moving away from us, so I hope we'll run into it at a later stage, so we can pay it a visit.
During one of the evenings I craft a Numenera vaporizer to burn devil weed leaves. The others wouldn't allow Thom and me to burn large amounts of the leaves on our campfire. And this way I can better control the amount of active ingredients.

22th of Drebental - The Ice Wall

Another seven days crossing the icy desert we see something on the horizon. I think we finally reached the wall. Every now and then we pass a lake with frozen flowers around it. We try to pick one but it almost instantly melts. Using his telekinetic skills Drake picks one, but we really get the idea why these flowers are such an excellent way to show you feelings for someone, it won't be easy to pick one and eventually hand it to your loved-one.

Another fifteen kilometers and we're standing beside the Ice Wall. Thom flies off to look for the Kephi, but none to bee seen on top of the wall.

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