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Session 43 (Daina)

A show to remember

Played on April 17th, 2016

10th of Kiltental - Trading portal

I start browsing the stalls a bit looking for some nice merchandise, perhaps some pretty Numenera trinkets. But then all of a sudden one of the traders starts flailing his arms, pointing at me while making weird noises. I try to mimic his noise but in a more friendly fashion, but somehow this doesn't seem to calm him down.
Then his eyes turn blank for a second and he stops yelling and flailing. Ryder beside me is urging me to follow him away from the crowd which is starting to gather around us. But I want to make sure not to offend the trader, so I offer him a tool we obtained from the Nartex a long time ago. The trader seems rather pleased, but now he doesn't want to let us leave without offering something from his stall. I get a shiney tube with wires dangling from either side of it.
We still had a visit to the pyramids planned, but when we try to follow the path there we're quickly stopped by two traders. To avoid any more fuss we decide it's time to head back through the portal again. As we're stepping through it, Ryder and me check out the opposite side of the portal by stepping through that side, but that has us ending up in some kind of void which doesn't seem to be really helpful to our health, so we quickly return and use the correct side to join up with the rest of the group.

25th of Kiltental - Reaching Boreg

The next two-and-a-half weeks are spent travelling north towards Boreg, where we hope to cross the pirate-river somehow. During the trip I figure out the tube with the wires is some kind of oddity which can be used to make funny *poing* noises... One more to add to my repertoire!
Finally we reach Boreg which is a city build in a valley, beside the river and against a hill with a large castle at its top.
The harbor houses many big vessels and large sailors roam the streets. Near the docks a huge guy, presumably a captain of one of the ships, is barking orders to his crew. We ask him what it would cost us to be brought to Auspar further north up the river. But unfortunately that's a bit too expensive for us right now. I have try to sell my loud wristband bell to the loud captain, but he doesn't want to pay enough for it for us all to be able to afford the trip.
The castle we saw earlier turns out to belong to lady Vaunt, the "Queen of the River Pirates". Tal wonders if it would be feasible to perform for the lady and thus earn our trip to Ausper. So we set off to find an inn to spend the night and Tal tries to make a name as travelling minstrel.
To increase his performing abilities he finally, with the help of Ryder and me, mounts the third biomechanical arm, to make it look like a tail. Tal spends about a week performing here and there when eventually one night Ejta walks up to him. She introduces herself as a servant to lady Vaunt and invites Tal to the castle to perform for the lady, which turns out to be pretty extraordinary to be granted that opportunity in your first week in the city. She does warn Tal however that he must make sure to please the lady. Drake does some poking around in the city archives and learns that lady Vaunt or the Robber Baroness, as she's sometimes called, has an artifact called the Despoiler, which she uses to fuse people who angered her with fish, to create her own aquaman army. There are even legends which tell stories of the aquaman army sinking ships which haven't paid their fares.

1st of Hebendar - The Show to remember

But Tal isn't too impressed by the stories and full of confidence we head to the castle the next day to perform to the queen. We're guided towards the back entrance where all the performers and staff go in. It's pretty busy inside with people bringing in food and drinks, and various artists going on stage to perform.
After dinner Tal is scheduled to perform so once everyone's done eating we're let behind the stage and we get a nice overview of the room. There's about 50 people sitting there with the queen in the middle on a large throne. A group of dancers finishes up their show and then it's time for the Amazing Tal!
As he enters the stage, everyone in the room goes completely quiet and observe who is there to perform next. Tal starts his performance with the help of Ryder and Drake to help along with some illusions. Het tells magnificent tales of our journeys focussing on the trips we made by boat. And somehow it seems as if the stories sound even better this time than ever before.
The queen and her guests think so too as this performance seems to be a tale worthy of legend which will even surpass the story of the queen herself many generations to come. Once tal is done, everyone is still quiet, staring at him in amazement, moved to tears even. The queen is so impressed that she hands us a permit of free passage all the way to Auspar and back if we'd want too.

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