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Session 24 (Daina)

I think this qualifies as breaking and entering

Played on November 1st, 2015

23rd of Sobendar - Crystal shopping

We follow the edge of the Clock to the south, with the Jagged Waste to our west. The landscape is really barren and we often have to make a detour. Thom is barely able to feed us all with his hunting, as the amount of wildlife or edible plants is really small.
On the 13th day the mountains to our east become even more steep. We're sometimes forced to pass through the outskirts of the Wastes. There we encounter some weird flying bugs feeding of the crystals.
Then Drake remembers that we might be able to make good money of the crystals, so he decides to extract one using his telekinetic powers. I try to help out with my cutting light, attempting to slice a piece of crystal, but I'm instantly blinded by the cutting light beam being reflected in the crystal. My eyes feel like sanding paper, a bit like what happened when I looked into the welding torch back at home. Ariya comforts me and tells me I shouldn't worry too much. She even offers to meditate together to ponder what to do with this (hopefully temporary) handicap.
To let my eyes heal I use a blindfold which I wear for the following few days. Tal and Ryder luckily help me finding a safe route.

Another five days later, we leave the Waste behind us and we encounter a river running east to west. Our environment is now also getting greener making it easier to hunt. By now my eyes have fully healed so I stop using my blindfold. Now I can again help out when we're working on our robot at night.
We follow the river downstream for a day, until it merges with another river. From here we can see a weird tower four or five kilometres to the west. It seems to be constantly moving, this triggers us to find out what's going on there. This needs checking out for sure!
We all cross the river some way. Ariya even manages to get across a lot smoother than on our first river crossing adventure. As we get closer to the tower we can make out that the tower consists of five compartments which move somewhat independent within a 30 meter circle. After the pieces have moved they remain stationary for one minute, after which they move again. We scan for Numenera and obviously this is a very strong representation!
Ryder checks the door but it's locked. I check the lock and figure out this is a complex artefact Numenera lock which requires very precise handling to unlock. Based on my findings, Ryder unlocks the door and the two of us go in. Inside we see blue walls and a stairway along the wall leading to the first floor.
Drake joins us inside using his farstep. The three of us hear a loud scream in our minds. Ryder is really hurt by this mental blast. We think something upstairs is causing this so Ryder and I ride the lightning up the stairs.
On the first floor we see a large brain creature floating around. It has four limbs which somewhat resemble arms and legs, but without the hands and feet. When it sees us at the top of the stairs it backs up a little. By now Drake, Ariya, Thom and Tal have joined us.
The creature moves up another floor, where we follow it. Drake uses his stasis ability to capture the creature. Then we tie a rope around it so it can't fly off again (we hope at least). We position ourselves around it, so it can't escape.



As we release it from the stasis field, it tries to float away, but the rope around him won't allow it to float too far. But it's still out of our reach now. It's now "holding" an orb with one of its limbs.


Tal performs a mind read and concludes the creature is out for blood and willing to use the orb to kill us. He pulls free from the rope and floats to the ceiling, mental blasting us again.
Ariya performs a very impressive feat, running up the stairs, jumping down while kicking the ball away from the creature. I try to get hold of the ball, but due to some really bad luck I let go of it, and the creature regains control.


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