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Session 12 (Daina)

Arrival in White Hall

Played on July 19th, 2015

Day 18 of our seven year journey (30th of Poizenar)

The next morning Ariya is up early, heatin up the tea which was left over ferom yesterday. I think this will make a nice breakfast. Tal fills up his waterskins and says a prayer to his waterspirits. Then, after we're all prepared for another day of trekking the wilderness we say our goodbye's and many thanks to Quelnora, who wishes us a pleasant journey. If we're ever in the vicinity again we should stop by to tell her more stories again. Although I don;t know if we would ever find this place again.
But we're of to White Lake now and after a few days travelling through forests, valleys, past rivers and hills finally on the 5th of Aftental we spot a huge village lying beside quite a big lake.

Day 23 of our seven year journey (4th of Poizenar) - White lake

A few tiny figures are rowing across the lake, which isn't white at all, which is quite weird if you ask me, given the name. As we get closer by following a river which leads to the lake, our amazement grows more and more due to the sheer number of people living in this village.
On the horizon we now have a better overview of the mountains to our east, which Quelnora pointed out to be the Klok of Kala. Muddy tracks lead into the village from various angles.
As we enter the village, the inhabitants seem to be quite used to strangers wandering into their village. And once we reach the center, we spot a busy market place where all sorts of merchandise is being sold. The main product here seems the traktur parts though, both meat and eggs are being sold in various stalls, even a small boy tries to sell a few eggs to us. Wandering across the market we're all of a sudden startled by a man in a floating metal chair, being pushed by another man. This is getting better and better today, even more to investigate! Everybody greets them as hey walk by so we'll dot he same and they greet us with a warm "Welcome to White Lake". After my investigation I learn that the chair isn't some kind of Numenera device, but the man pushing the chair is manipulating it somehow to make it float. I quickly have to interrupt any further research as I'm starting to draw too much attention. So I apologize to the men, and I'm on my way again, but not before I notice someone keeping an eye on us. Arya notices him too and asks him if he's following us. He just says no and that we shouldn;t anger the men with the chair.

The Waddling Traktur Inn

Just past midday we enter the inn where we're greeted by the landlord who's is wearing a traktur shell hat. He welcomes us the the inn and explains that he's got rooms for rent for only 1 shin per person per night. He also got more information about interesting people we should meet if we want to cross the Jagged wastes. There's Mehella and Ikyon, two adventurers passing through White Lake. And there's the leader of the village Deil, who as it turns out, we already met on his floating chair. The person behind him is called Hervan. He apparently saved the village from a band of abhumans with just his crossbow and thus became leader.
After some talking and a free beer (hmmm, why did our parents never allow us to drink this nice stuff... and moreover why did I listen!) Tal proposes to the innkeeper to pay for our stay with a juggling performance which should take place this evening. The innkeeper is quite interested so Tall will get to give it a shot
I think it'll be a good idea to advertise The amazing graceful Tal and his wonderful balls in the market place to increase the number of people visiting tonight. As it turns out, also Drake wants to do some looking around and meeting people, so we all head out.
My attention is quickly drawn by a stall which is selling Numenera like items. A quick scan reveals mo0st of it is bogus, even though the salesman is trying his best to sell it of as true curiosities. In the end I trade one of my bracelets for another bracelet with a nice projected hologram of a ball floating above it. Tal is looking for some juggling stuff to improve his act. Then all of a sudden Ariya darts of. Drake is talking to some random passers by and learns that the traktur population is dwindling due to poachers killing way more than is necessary. They have even collected 100 shins for the first person to put a stop to all the poaching.
When we're all back in the Inn, we ask Ariya what that was all about. It turns out the peson following us earlier today, was doing it again and she caught him. Moreover he turns out to be in the inn with us and he turns out to be the person the innkeeper was talking about earlier: Ikyon with his sister Mehella. After some back and forth excuses we and them start telling each other about our adventures. Pretty soon they figure out we're from Colzo. They ran into another group from Colzo some three years ago in Augurkala, exactly where we are heading. But that group was five years older than us. We all started to figure out which grouo that could've been. Tal was the first to remember a name: Karanbris who he had a crush on in the past. The other in the party were Joran, Niki, Sibster and Amonin who was a pretty cool guy in our village. They had already seen quite a lot of the world and they had concluded the Kefi was on an upside down mountain. We tell each other more stories and we listen intently when they explain about the Jagged Wastes. In the meantime we're served a hot traktur meal (not much choice there) after which it's about time for Tal sto start setting up for his show.

A show to be remembered

By now the inn is starting to fill up with people so Tal starts of with some simple juggling tricks that our group has seen dozens of times before. But as more and more people show interest his show progresses and he starts to do tricks we didn't even know he was capable of. Pretty amazed by what Tall is pulling of, even the innkeeper is at a loss for words.
Thom in the meantime, who, just like me, had his first experience with beer today is talking with a few shady figures. Drake and Ryder think they're up to no good, so they go check out Thom. But even before they get to him, the two figures have vanished back into their shadows.
Once the show is done I thought it would be a good idea to go round, collecting smlla tips from the patrons. The innkeeper doesn't agree entirely, until he gets his 50% cut. the other half, 5 shins, I deliver to Tal who really deserved this as he also provides us with free drinks, a meal and a roof above our heads tonight. Which is a good thing, because I'm starting to feel sleepy again, and I can't wait to sleep in an actual bed again. Ok, it turned out to be a mattress on the floor, but still not too bad.

Day 24 of our seven year journey (5th of Poizenar) - Deil

The next morning we agree to pay a visit to Deil to ask him about the poachers and how we could help out get rid of them. Weird thing we figure out during the discussion with him is, that they aren't even sure that its poachers who are hunting the traktur. But that's up to us to figure out. He tells us about a ruin to the south where, according to rumors, someone is living again. That might be a good starting spot for our investigation.
Done talking about the poachers and the possible reward, Deil is more than willing to tell us about how to get to the sheer. He has got a lot of stories about the Jagged wastes and how the shards coming from the wastes are sought after household utensils as they're pretty sharp and can be used as knives.

That afternoon, after (again) traktur lunch in the inn we pack our bags and head to the south to the ruins.

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