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Session 42 (Tal)

Another world?

Played on April 3rd, 2016

27th of Aftental - 10th of Kiltental

We made our way north through the mountains, away from the Kephi. One more Kephi to go, but it was still a long way to the north. No telling what challenges there are going to be. According to our information the lands west of the were more filled. Civilized they called it if I remember correctly. Still no clear idea what they meant by that, it was just a lot busier. More villages and closer together, not much more than that. Well it gave us better places to sleep at least, not that that made Thom a happier man though.
It took us about two weeks to reach something bigger than a village though. Yent they called the place. It had solid walls and was quite big, a new place to discover new things. Which is always nice.

10th of Kiltental

The first thing Thom noticed was that the trees were strange here somehow. They didn't belong in this climate and part of the world he said. How was he to know this, he has never been here and we have seen stranger things. But I was in a funny mood and I triggered his enthusiasm with basic questions of how and why this was the way it was. I'm not quite sure I wanted to know this much about trees, but it was fun to see Thom this passionate about the world.
Yent was not a overly special city, basic building techniques and a lot of people running around. The thing making it special we learned when we got to the marketplace. It seemed anything special they sold there was from one other place. They called it New Yent and made it sound like it was on another world somehow. And the place was only reachable through some kind of portal they were only able to open a few years back. This immediately triggered the curious minds of part of our group.
But we needed information first and the day was getting at an end. Asking random people at the market got us no interesting information whatsoever. But then we met a traveler called Lidore. Compared to us she had only seen a small part of the world, but she was from the north and was willing to tell us about it when I offered to buy her drinks for the evening.
She proposed an inn called the Pleasure of New Yent, and we made our way there. This both gave us a pleasurable evening and quite some information for our travels ahead. Though it was good information, the content was not so friendly. We had some challenges to deal with to get where we wanted to. About one week north was the Weir River, we would have to cross it first. But the river was apparently taken over by the pirates from Moveg. We would have to pay some kind of toll, but Lidore was not able to tell us how much. She somehow sneaked across on a boat, which is a lot easier for one person than our group of six. The pirates were led by some Queen of the pirates and had been there for a few years now. That means they settled in properly and the regent of these lands was too scared to do anything about it. Also we could not go to Broth, as that city was hit by a plague and was safe for no one. There were no other places to cross, so it seemed the only thing we could do was pay the pirates to cross.
The next place north of the river of interest was a tower in control of the Order of Truth. Lidore had not been there, but she was convinced you needed to prepare properly to go there. It sounded it was their main base of operation, their home maybe? Lidore couldn't tell us enough, so we would gather more information when would get close. It also sounded to me the place could even be the location of the Kephi as well?
But tomorrow we would go to this portal to New Yent and see what the portal looked like. Maybe go to the otherside if it was real and interesting enough? Thom would be against again, but he would follow as always. I wonder what would happen if Thom decided he had enough of our detours and decided to be properly stubborn. Ah well, hopefully that would be after we found the last Kephi.

11th of Kiltental

The next day we made our way to where we learned the portal was. A huge citadel made of silver Synth. It stood out next to all the normal buildings around it. It was obviously part of an earlier era of this world. The citadel had many rooms and was filled with people. Both going in and leaving with goods for sale. Trade was being done everywhere, but even more in the last big hall. At the end of the last hall there were guards standing before small gates leading to a big door. The portal was behind that door and to reach it we would have to pay to go through the portal. No free peak at the portal. But it didn't take long for enough people of our group to be convinced we should pay to have a look. And if we already paid, why not go to the other side as well? No use in wasting money.
We payed our dues and went through the door. The next smaller room only had one thing, the portal to the other side. A shimmering field was surrounded by a sculpted portal, three huge gems worked into the frame. Two to the sides and the biggest one above the portal. We could not look through to the other side, so only one way left to find out what was there.
It took only one step to get to where ever the portal led. Almost instantaneously we were in a different world completely. Two yellow suns were hanging in a purplish rosey sky. The land was red and a single straight road led to three pyramids in the distance. We watched for a time to see people coming from the portal going for the path immediately. Directly going to the stalls standing near the pyramids. They all seemed to know exactly which stalls they needed. Not checking them all, just going straight for the one they needed and then going back with what they bought. There was no talking though. Could the people of this world not speak at all, or was there just no understanding each other with words. They looked just like us, so they probably were able to speak somehow. But only their hands were doing the trading over here.
So, what now? Checking out the stalls or were we going to brave other places as well?

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