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1. Akodo Masako

Towards the Tournament

Played on October 7th, 2018

Day 1, Spring 1123

While travelling towards Tsuma I cannot stop thinking about my treacherous twin brother Akodo Kiruhage. He cheated! I cannot forgive such dishonor to my family and clan! I will show him by being a greater, more famous and more honorable samurai! That's why I want to achieve my gempuku and try to claim the mantle of Topaz Champion!

In the meanwhile I meet some of the other samurai on they way to the Topaz Tournament. Shinjo Takuya of the Unicorn clan arrives on his big horse. He seems nice, and has great stories about the far north. Togashi Yoshi is a monk from the Dragon clan. He is a quiet guy, but I feel he notices everything. Isawa Aki of the Phoenix Clan talks about the spirits around us. Then there is Bayushi Kyo of the Scorpion Clan. He wears a mask, and while I will never completely understand what they have to hide, he isn't too bad for now. At last Doji Ren joins us. She lives closest to Tsuma, and seems very familiar with the lands around us. While she is a member of the Crane Clan, I will try to give her a chance. And let's find out in the tournament if she has any honor and courage. At least for now she is nice company.

While we see Tsuma on the horizon, the road is blocked by a cart. A peasant starts apologizing for it. Ofcourse we immediately help to put the cart upright. In the meantime Doji Ren finds out the peasants name is Ryu and that he saw his former master Doji Satsume in the river. Apparently Doji Satsume's belongings are in the cart.

When we walk further a note gets blown in my face. I can't help seeing what's written on it. It is a note for Kakita Toshimoko, and the writer tells him that he is a better father for his children than himself. And he hopes that he will get his own children at some point, so he can experience the real challenge of the being a father. I look around and conclude it must have fallen off the cart. I quickly walk back and return it to Ryu, who thanks me for it.

We then continue our way towards Tsuma.