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7. Akodo Masako

The Final Day

Played on November 25th, 2018

Day 4, Spring 1123

I get out of bed early and visit the Shrine to the Seven Fortunes before Breakfast. I meditate to prepare myself mentally for the upcoming Duels. After breakfast we all go to the Kakita Dueling Academy.

When we arrive there it's crowded with people. We take place besides the ring where the duels will happen. The first duel is Bayushi Mei Lin vs Moto Batbayar. They both pick a blunted katana. Bayushi Mei Lin is the fastest, hits Moto Batbayar first and wins the duel. The second duel is Kakita Riku vs Hitoshi. I notice Kakita Riku choosing a specific blunted katana with white and blue straps. That must be her favorite practice weapon and could give her an advantage! I also notice the ghost of Doji Satsume standing in the crowd. Kakita Riku is faster than Hitoshi and strikes him first. But the katana seems a real one and badly injures Hitoshi! Kakita Riku looks suprised by this and Hitoshi falls on the ground. Isawa Aki quickly runs towards him to heal him. I myself look around, who could be behind this dishonourable act! I see a dark figure running out the gate holding a katana with white and blue straps. Kitsuki Yuikimi also notices this and orders us to go after him!

Together with Kitsuki Yuikimi, Doji Ren and Shinjo Takuya we run after the dark figure. We go through the docks, over boxes and roofs, and we try to follow him as good as we can. Together we succeed in catching up with him at a warehouse and find out it is Bayushi Sugai! Then 6 Ronin appear, the same one as we encountered in the inn, and they start to attack us. We fight back, together with Bayushi Kyo and Togashi Yoshi who arrived a little later. When I put down the ronin I was fighting, I see Kitsuki Yuikimi hurt. I move towards Bayushi Sugai such that Kitsuki Yuikimi can take some steps back. Bayushi Sugai then turns his attention to me and hits me hard. I fall on my knees incapacitated. Luckily the others also handled the Ronins and can down Bayushi Sugai quickly. Togashi Yoshi checks my wounds and gets me on my feet again.

We go back to the tournament grounds and to our surprise Kakita Toshimoko had given Kakita Riku orders to do seppuku! We quickly throw Bayushi Sugai before him on the ground and show the blunted blade. It is clear that Bayushi Sugai switched the blades and we save Kakita Riku from committing seppuku.
In the background I again notice the ghost of Doji Satsume. It disappears, but from the look on its face, it's clear that its story isn't done yet.

Day 5, Spring 1123


After all this the Duels still have to happen because there has to be a Topaz Champion. We get a nights rest and do a tea ceremony. While I still feel the cuts I got yesterday I would never skip the Duels and the chance to win the Topaz Championship!

The duels starts with Kakita Riku vs Doji Ren. Kakita Riku wins. As is tradition, the winner then has to compete against the one with the highest points after that. I'm in the 4th match, but still being out of balance and hurt by yesterday events, i'm not fast enough and loose from Shinjo Takuya, a worthy opponent. The duels continue this way, and the last one standing is the bushi Shiba Tōya. He has to compete with the winner of the Shugenja duel, Isawa Aki. It seems the Topaz Championship will go to the Phoenix Clan this year. The final duel, to every ones surprise, is won by Isawa Aki! A shugenja wins the Topaz Tournament! A historical moment for sure. But i'm afraid this years Topaz Championship will be mostly remembered by the other events...