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11. Doji Ren

ACT II - Arrival at Shiro Yogasha

Played on January 6th, 2019

Thankful merchants

The surviving thank us profusely and offer us gifts which have remained somewhat intact from the attack. I politely refuse, telling them they'll need all the money they can spare to repair, restock and obtain new horses and guards to accompany them. Meanwhile Aki and Takuya are studying the goblins, as they are a very rare occurrence in these parts of the land, especially far away from the wall in flat lands.
When Yoshi has recovered enough from his wounds he, Yumako and Kyo put the remaining two carts upright again. As I want to get going as soon as possible again, I order Kiji to help them out.

Another days passed and when we're having our dinner, we're all of a sudden joined again by the ghost of Doji Satsumi. He thanks us for our effort, helping Hitoshi gain his Gempuku, but he has another task for us.

"Ensure that the matter of my death is resolved in a such a way that it brings no shame upon or retribution to my family"

Aki asks him why he fears that to become the truth. Doji then continues to explain his office wasn't the most beloved. Takuya tries to get Doji to explain how he died, but he refuses to tell anything about that as it is of no importance...
We all, in our own way, acknowledge this task. As he vanishes again, the last thing I notice is the big scar across his face, which has given rise to his nickname 'The Laughing Crane'. I highly doubt he'd be laughing if you called that out to his face.

ACT II - Back in civilization!

The next day at noon we catch the first glimpse of the magnificent palace Shiro Yogasha. Large towers and green roofed buildings line the top of a hill. It's clear that this is a very strategic location and a palace worth of both the Emerald and Ruby champion who hold their primary office here.
We enter the palace through the main gate and are confronted by an enormous crowd scuttling around. I sometimes catch word from the various courtiers talking about how Doji Satsumi left the palace in disarray. I'll have to look into this when there's some time.
When we enter the main hall we are welcomed by Kitsuki Kāgi, who escorts us to our sleeping quarters. He tells us our training will start tomorrow, but he'll be back in an hour already to bring us to an audience with the Ruby Champion. (A bit weird he doesn't use the term Emerald Champion...)
I ask Kiji to prepare my dress, so I can survey the palace a bit more. I learn that the Crane clan representative, Asahina Tadade, would be an interesting person to have a conversation with. She can usually be found in the dining hall of the palace.

By now it is time to go to the Ruby champion so Kitsuki is back to escort us there. We walk through the audience hall where such meetings would normally take place and we continue to the Ruby Champion office. Kitsuki explains that this isn't common practice.
I wonder what is going on here and what hornet's nest we're getting ourselves into.