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16. Akodo Yumako

Played on February 10th, 2019

Research and Law

Month of the Serpent 19th, 1123

The library

We arrive at the library. There we are greeted by Bayushi Ago, who is the only person here. He start talking and is very eager to help us with our research. I start researching my assigned case. Later I hear Isawa Aki talking to Bayushi Ago about Doji Satsume's death. He tells that it was weird that he was Emerald Champion and Clan Champion at the same time. And about that his daughter Doji Hotaru who still blames her father for her mother's death.

After i'm done with the research for my assignment I also search for anything related to the notes I read yesterday. We find a lot of similarities between the notes and a old heretical sect called the Kolat. They believe that mankind should rule itself. That is heresy! Also we learn that they often work with sleeper agents. People that just fill a normal role, until called upon to act.

If the Kolat really was involved, it's not something we should bring out. Even talking about it existence would be treason. And the letters point towards them being the main suspect of Doji Satsume's death.


During dinner the Crab clan Magistrate Hiruma Shigek turns up again. Luckily Isawa Aki keeps talking to him, so it's easier for me to ignore him. After dinner I go to bed.

Month of the Serpent 20th, 1123

Next Morning

Before breakfast we hear from Doji Ren that her assistant got attacked last night while keeping watch around the granary. That must be someone wanted to enter the secret room they talked about. We really should check out what is going on there, but no time now. We need a quick breakfast and start our 3rd training day! During breakfast we learn that Doji Hotaru is visiting the castle.


Law training is given by Miya Kotsumi. He tells us about the laws of Rokugan, and about the different ways to interpret them. We have come with a verdict about the case we investigated. It is pretty easy who is to blame in my case, so I give the answer. Also the others of my group give the correct answer, and we all get a small notebook as a reward.

An important thing she tells us that it's often not about having hard evidence, but about telling an acceptable theory. Solving a case should always be done in the best interest of the Empire. While I agree with that, I find it harder to not tell the truth. But ofcourse you could say technically truthful things that imply something that might not be the truth, if that's in the best interest of the Empire.

Doji Hotaru

When we are having our lunch, we are invited to meet with Doji Hotaru. That's a honorful surprise, what would she want from us? She starts to tell how grateful she is for what we did for Kakitu Riku. She wants us to tell her how we did that. Isawa Aki starts to explain, and wherever is needed me and Doji Ren help with filling in parts of the story.

At some point Isawa Aki decides to tell her she met with Doji Satsume's ghost, and about the assignment we got here in the castle. Of course she agrees that it should not reflect poorly on the Doji family. But we don't get much more useful information. Mostly it's clear she isn't regretting the death of Doji Satsume much. But no clue at all if she was involved or not.