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32. Akodo Yumako


Played on July 7th, 2019

Month of the Rooster 4th, 1127

The journey begins

We leave the palace with a big group, including guards, the Lion, Unicorn and Dragon representatives and our group of Magistrates. The journey towards the High House of Light will take about two weeks.

Month of the Rooster 12th, 1127

We suddenly stop. A scout has returned, and the clan representatives are talking with each other. Then Mirumoto Tanetsu, the Dragon Clan representatives comes towards us. She gives us an assignment. There is an abondoned village called the White Flower village one and a half day to the West. It seems some Perfect Land heretics have settled there now. And since the Lion Clan delegation will pass through that village, we have to make sure they can pass without any problems or delays, and that this won't impact their view of the Dragon Clan. So I guess best would be to get rid of this problem completely. But why haven't the Dragon clan already done this themselves? Of course we accept the assignment and leave with the 7 of us towards the village.

Month of the Rooster 13th, 1127

The shrine

The next day we pass a shrine. But it seems it's abandoned long ago. Who let this happen to a shrine, even if it's just a Ebisu shrine, the Fortune of Honest work. We have a look around. We see some movement in the water and I quickly grab my Naginata. Togashi Yoshi walks towards the pond and suddenly something jumps out of it and bites his arm. While it's still stuck on his arm I cut the creature off it.

Hiruma Tichuki recognises it as Tsumunagi, a blood sucking eel. They live in heavily tainted areas. Isawa Aki checks the area further and finds it's indeed heavily desecrated. It seems this only started 2 months ago, while it looks as if it's been a lot longer. The best we can do in the short time we have is clean the pond of the Blood Eels.

I find a long stick and put one end in the dead Eel, such that it gets blood on it. Then I hold the stick in the water, and as soon as an eel bites it I swing it out of the water. While it lays on the ground I grab my Naginata and kill it. While I continue with that Hiruma Tichuki returns with a boar he killed. With a knife he starts cutting the dead animal into pieces, and ties a piece to a rope. Then he starts to fish the Eels out of the pond. I still prefer my method that doesn't need any touching of dead animals. But together with the help of the others we clear the pond of all the Eels.

It feels a lot better around here now, and finally we can continue. Luckily it only delayed us about an hour and not longer. It seems Bayushi Kyo wasn't that happy with the delay. Isawa Aki tells us she will make a report from this event.

Month of the Rooster 13th, 1127

The village

We are now getting close to the village. Hiruma Tichuki scouts it and tells us it's still mostly expired. But they have started rebuilding some things. He counted at least 50 people there.

The plan is to go there and tell them it should be wise to leave for a few days, until the Lion Clan members have passed. This to avoid any combat or struggle. I think we should just get there as Magitrates and tell them to do that. But others are afraid it's not the best approach. So me, Isawa Aki and Sutanpā Kiji (Doji's attendant) stay behind. Bayushi Kyo stays hidden halfway, so he can keep an eye out. Doji Ren, Togashi Yoshi and Hiruma Tichuki approach the village from the South, with their Emerald Magistrate badge hidden. Doji Ren and Hiruma Tichuki even left their Daisho behind with me. If there would be any problems, Hiruma Tichuki would make the sound of a $bird.

Before they reach the village a female Ronin appears from the bushes and says: Who are you? Where are you from? And what are you doing here?!