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46. Doji Ren


Played on December 8th, 2019

A day off

Today there aren't any planned festivities, so we all go our own way. Aki finally has time to commune with the spirits, which has been a while. The Kami make clear there's something going on around the Mantis house. Meanwhile Kyo is trying to get in touch with Yuritomo via No Izen to have a look at the invitation.
Meanwhile I pay a visit to Rumiko and the stage where the actors are practicing for the "Fishermans daughter" play which is to be performed in a few days. I leanr who have opted for the main roles and the supporting roles, although nothin is set in stone and it greatly depends on the audtions which are taking place today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

A threat and an invitation

The next morning, day seven of the Winter Court, we wake up and find a letter shoved under our door. It reads Stop your current inquiries, we are watching you!
None of us recognize the handwriting and Aki manages to determine that a Lion has been in the possesion if this letter the longest. I ask Kiji to try and find out amongst the servants if anyone has seen this letter being delivered to our room, but that night I learn noone has seen anything.
Yumako spends the dayin the Lion house to see if someone is acting suspicious, unfortunately there's nothing to be learned there...
Meanwhile I focus on the auditons, which gives me ample opportunity to keep an eye on Rumiko, who's a Lion clan member, nothing weird from her. I do manage to audition for the role of Hantei, one of the main roles obviously!
As arranged yesterday, Aki and Kyo pay a visit to the Mantis guest house, and when we meet up that night we leanr what they have experienced today there; Pleasantries are exchanged and Aki states the Mantis presence at this Winter Court is well deserved, a historic moment initiated by a historic letter, refering back to the apparent invitation. A servant is asked to get the invitation which they are allowed to see. Yuritomo wonders why they are so eager to examine it.
Aki and Kyo take a close look and are immediately startled by te fact that the handwriting closely resembles the threat letter we received this morning! Kyo manages to point out some errors with the Emperors seal. Yuritomo is sincerely surprised and asks what is going on! Aki and Kyo explain what's wrong with the letter, but they together conclude that it is the Emperors will they are presentat the Court.
At that moment Lady Magami walks in, but apologises when she sees Aki and Kyo. They tell her not too worry and again pleasantries are exchanged, talking about the upcoming play. Magami would love to participate and play the main part of the daughter. Kyo responds that he might also want to join the play. Yuritomo wonders if we could do him a favor and help Lady Magami get the part. Magami says she would consider that really awesome if we would, a request by Emerald Magistrates could really help and in turn Yuritomo and Lady Magami would be in our debt. Kyo agrees to put in a good word at Doji Chigeru, the director of the play. They conclude asking if they can take the letter to examine it.
That night together we examine the letter. We learn it was a really good forgery, but some details were wrong. The legalese wasn't perfect like in the official invitation.