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17. Doji Ren

Poisener on the lose

Played on February 17th, 2019

Before Doji dismisses us, she asks Aki to explain to the ghost of Doji that she'll honor the Empire just as well as her did, but in her own way.

More poisons

That afternoon we decide to check out the secret room, what might have happened there when Kiji got hit over the head. I keep Oji busy with some smalltalk , while Aki, Kyo and Takuya investigate the secret room for changes since they last visited it.
Some ingredients are gone and they seem to be used in a recipe to create a new deadly green poison. Meanwhile Yoshi checks the secret stashes for messages, but he finds nothing.


Back in our quarters we discuss what to do. In my opinion it would be wise to inform the interim Emerald Champion there's a poisoner on the lose in the castle. But I think we shouldn't tell her anything yet about the how and why of the death of Doji.Even after a heated debate it seems we didn't come to a conclusion, but as soon as we reach the dining hall and we notice that Agasha is not present, Aki runs of to her privatre quarters to warn her with all the others following her in her wake. I remain in the dining hall to gauge the people present there. I grab some white rice and absentmindedly stir my bowl, somewhat scared to eat it, due to the possible poison threat.
A few moments later I think to hear some yelling emitting from the hallway!