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34. Doji Ren

Plan A, plan B, ...

Played on August 11th, 2019

Plan B?

After talking to the villagers we gather back in our small encampment. I consider one of the 'leaders' Ichirō. I can't recall however why he keep haunting my mind.
Together we discuss the plan, but eventually conclude that it might not be as waterthight as we'd want it to be. After some discussion we come up with a somewhat altered plan, where we pretend that a minor disease is causing the inhabitants harm. This would force the Lion delegation to travel through the village as swiftly as possible. Takuya says he knows these flowers which would indicate certyain illness, which we could hang above the doors. Kyo meanwhile heads out to see if the Lion are already geeting near. I take Yoshi and Kiji back to the village to propose the alternative plan.

At the main gathering place I seek out Nari, the most gossipy woman present. To generate a bit of confusion I spread a rumour about the Lion delegation, that they're carrying a disease, and they should avoid getting close to them at all cost. Best to even stay inside when the travel past. We socialize somewhat with the villagers and use Doji Satsume's rhetoric about the Perfect Land sectto gain the attention and trust of the people present.

Eventually we're joined by Kanbei and we explain our actual plan B. He agrees that this has more chance to succeed and agrees to discuss this with the other representatives.

These words he has taught us do not only have the power to save individual souls! Spoken by a true believer, they will carry the soul of that believer into the Perfect Land after death, to gain Enlightenment at the feet of Shinsei and escape the suffering of this world. But the Little Teacher told me that the kie will also be the salvation of Rokugan itself! Today, we are few in number. But if we spread the blessing of the kie —if enough people across the Empire recite those words with pure hearts— then Shinsei himself will return to Rokugan and usher in a new Age of Celestial Virtue!

When it's time to go to sleep, we're offered a place to stay for the night, but Yoshi politely declines.We again head back to tell the rest of our succes. Takuya also has returned with a bunch of flowers he's currently preserving to be hung from the doorposts.

Preparing for our plan

The next morning we again return to the village, now to hang the flowers in preparation of the delegation. A number of villagers visit us to shake hands. It seems we left a pretty good impression yesterday evening.
Later that day Kyo returns from his scouting run, he tells the delegation is getting close and we decide that the next day we'll walk towards them to make sure we meet up, before they reach the village.

The Lion delegation

The next morning we pack up and start moving towards the Lion delegation. I put a piece of cloth in front of my mouth to avoid spreading the "disease". Eventually we see them on the horizon and we wait for them to approach us. A small group comes walking towards us. They explain who they are and briefly mention Yumako's "lovely" brother is part of the delegation. We tell them who we are and why we're here. They head back to the delegation to introduce us.
Yumako isn't too happy that her brother is present once again and Yoshi tries to lift her spirits with some monk wisdom "A bad day doesn't make a bad year".