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35. Akodo Yumako

Never trust Heretics!

Played on August 25th, 2019

Month of the Rooster 15th, 1127


We are all led to the rest of the delegation. It seems our Clan Champion Akodo Torturi is in the delegation. That's good news, since he can be trusted, unlike my brother who is standing next to him. On the other side there is Matsu Sachiko, I remember her. She really sees up to the my brother. Her armor shows that she also has a higher position now.

I keep myself quite while Bayushi Kyo and Togashi Yoshi explain the situation with the village. They also mention the flowers and that the Dragon clan is onto it. My brother wants to see himself first what's going, and Matsu Sachiko begins talking about the shrine, that maybe they can visit that while waiting. But luckily Bayushi Kyo can convince them that that would cost extra days of travel which we don't have, and that we just go straight through the village as quickly as possible. It seems that they accept the advice.

We join the delegation and travel with them until we have passed the village. A few hours later some scouts return. They tell them that they encountered Goblins. Goblins here? Where do they come from? That night there are some more guards because of that. Myself I talk to some of the delegation, but at a quiet moment suddenly Akodo Kiruhage, my brother, appears. He congratulates my on my Emerald Magistrate role and my career. I accept the compliment and am sure not to give it back. I answer his questions but show little interest into him. All I can think of is showing the rest of the world how dishonest he is. After that I go to bed early.

Month of the Rooster 16th, 1127


After a quiet night we continue towards the village. When we are close to the village someone notices something weird that's going on in one of the fields. I follow Isawa Aki to the field. There she contacts the spirits. It's seems Blood Magic is present! What is this?! When I ask Doji Ren she tells me this wasn't present when they were here. I draw my Naginato and make sure to pay even more attention.

We enter the village. There the flowers look wilted and not dried as how they were left there. It's quite in the village until after we make a turn. There a female Ronin, probably Satto, is standing in the middle of the road. Isawa Aki tells us she is Afflicted. It doesn't take Hiruma Tichuki long to react to that. He fires an arrow and Satto drops on her knees. A few heretics, one is armed, come running from one of the houses towards Satto.

With the Maho presence, the Lion delegation being surrounded in the middle of a village of Heretics, I decide to speak courage into all. Don't fear the Afflicted, we have a to do duty here! Protect out champion!

Right after that Akodo Kiruhage starts running towards Satto. And then Satto says: "Stupid Lions! You walk into a village full of heretic, and you haven't even noticed that!". No idea how we talk ourselves out of this one, but for now lets destroy these afflicted Heretics!