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17. Akodo Yumako

Played on February 17th, 2019


Month of the Serpent 19th, 1123

The secret room

Back at our quarters we discuss what our next step will be. Since Doji Ren's assistant was knocked down, we think someone visited the secret room. So we decide to have another look in the secret room to see if anything changed.

When we arrive it's quite. I offer to guard the entrance of the granary while Doji Ren and Togashi Yoshi keep an eye at the henery entrance. Bayushi Kyo, Isawa Aki and Shinjo Takuya go inside the secret room. I hear some discussion between them and a few minutes later they are ready and close the room again. We quickly go back to our quarters to discuss what they found.

It turns out they found some of the herbs being used, and residue of a green mixture. Shinjo Takuya is convinced that it is a kind of poison! It probably has to be eaten to take effect.

A discussion starts what to do next. Isawa Aki wants to tell about the poison and the note in the secret room to Agasha Sumiko, and is afraid the Ruby Champion's life is in danger. But what is in the best interest of the Empire. And Agasha Sumiko wanted to have it solved in a way she could present to the people, and we promised Doji Satsume that it shouldn't turn out bad for his family. That's something completely different then just telling her everything we found out! We are not even sure if she isn't involved herself!
And how big is the chance that now someone is going to use the poison, maybe it's already been used this afternoon or this morning. So many uncertainties, this is not a decision we should take lightly. It doesn't look like we can get to one story or agreement, and it's time for dinner. So we all go to the Dining Hall

Dinner time

We arrive at the Dining Hall where we hear that Agasha Sumiko is having dinner in her private quarters. Isawa Aki quickly turns around to go to the Ruby Quarters. I don't think it's smart to let Aki talk to Agasha alone, so I join her like most of us. Only Doji Ren takes a place at the dinner table. Maybe she wants to keep an eye out here?

We walk through some halls and then, when we see a guard walking down the hallway, Togashi Yoshi tells us the guard isn't a real guard and yells to him to stop! At that moment he drops his Lion guard clothes and we see him drawing his Katana and coming towards us. He is wearing dark clothes and a dark mask, it must be an assassin!

Motes of flame trail from Isawa Aki's fingertips. When they reach the assasin it burst into a fierce inferno hurting him. Together with the others I run towards him. Bayushi Kyo draws a Tessen, where was that hidden?! I roar for Lord Akodo which dazes the Assassin. Then I see he throws a shuriken at Isawa Aki. I try to guard her, because she seems our best bet at defeating him. I really need a weapon! But a Shugenja doesn't need any weapon it seems. And right I am, 2 more fire attacks and the assassin drops on his knees.