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46. Akodo Yumako

Did a Lion invite the Mantis?

Played on November 24th, 2019

Month of Togashi 19th, 1128

A day off

Today seems a good day to spend in the Dōjō. I must make sure to keep my training up, since you never know when you need your skills, even during Winter.

Isawa Aki spends her day communing with the Spirits. She finds out the Mantis have something with them that's very important to them.

Bayushi Kyo talks to Susano-o no Izen and gets an appointment with Lord Yoritomo for the next day.

Doji Ren is going to participate in the play and goes to Ikoma Rumiko to start her practice. There she meets with Doji Shigeru, who is the director of the kogaki version of The Tale of the Fisherman’s Daughter.

Month of Togashi 20th, 1128

A threat!

In the morning when we wake up we find a letter in our room. In it we can read:

"If you value your safety and reputation, stop your current inquiries. We are watching you!"

Isawa Aki directly asks the spirits about the note. She finds out that someone made it that is with the castle and it grounds, which include the guesthouses. Also she tells us the note has been in possession of a Lion clan member for the longest time.
A Lion clan member? Why is that, and who could that be.

I decide to spend the day in the Lion clan guesthouse. Maybe I can find our if someone there is watching me. But it turns out that all is normal there. I have a great day there, and even spend it well practicing with my fellow Lion clan members.

Doji Ren spends the day doing audition for the role of Hantei, which she gets. She spends the rest of the day practicing there.

Bayushi Kyo and Isawa Aki go to Lord Yoritomo today. It turns out they got the chance to see the invitation. It turns out to be fake indeed. And it has the same handwriting as the threat-letter we got this morning! Also Lady Magami joins them later. They find out she wants to role of Fisherman’s Daughter. Bayushi Kyo accepts to ask if that's possible. It will give him a favor of the Mantis Clan Champion.

But the big question is. Who wanted the Mantis to be invited and why? And what role does a Lion clan member play in that? I try to remember who wasn't in the Lion guesthouse. Of course Ikoma Rumiko wasn't since she was practicing the play. Is she involved? She also was part of the delegation that delivered the invitation...

Bayushi Kyo and Isawa Aki managed to take the letter with them for further investigation. But we don't find out anything new for now...