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38. Doji Ren

Genocide and damage control

Played on September 22nd, 2019

Helping villagers escape

As I see Hige go down, I suspect that Torturi will stick to his plan to eradicate this village and its inhabitants. During the skirmish I try to order the villagers to leave the village as quickly as possible without being seen. I manage to convince about 50 people to flee. I follow them for a while to make sure they actually get away.
After a while when the dust seems to have settled in the village I return. There's a discussion between Torturi, Kyo and Yumako about the faith of Ichiro. After Yoshi whispers to Ichiro that only alive he can do something for his faith and when he learns I helped 50 villagers to flee, he stands down, lowering his weapons. We will deal with him, as Emerald MAgistrates, taking him into custody to bring him to the Dragon clan to face an appropriate trial. Kiji takes Ichiro's Daisho.
While we're leading Ichiro away, the Lion commit genocide in the village, burning down all the houses, and killing the remaining inhabitants.

The high house of light

After a journey of one and a half days we reach "Last Step Castle", where we're joined by a guide to lead us up the mountain through the snow towards the "High house of light", which is another five days worth of travelling. It's a great honor to be invited here. And in that light we decide to return Ichiro's Daisho to him. Ichiro wonders if this will sufficiently restore his honor though.

Once we reach the castle we're summoned to Mirumoto Tenetsu. As we enter the room, the servants subtly leave.
We explain that the Lion are nearly here. Furthermore we took care of the village, which is no more. And finally we managed to steer the Lion delegation away from the ruinous temple which should be renovated as soon as possible by the Dragon. Yoshi explains the location has been cleansed of the taint and it's ready again to be fully reinstated.
We explain we took Ichiro as son of a Dragon family.
Mirumoto accepts our explanation; "A lot has happened which I hadn't anticipated and you really stepped up!". She does worry though about the offended Unicorn due to the late arrival of the Lion. We explain though that this late arrival is for the greater good of Rokugan as we took care of a Maho infestation, while maintaining the Dragon honor.
Mirumoto concludes with a word of thanks for returning Ichiro alive, who we hand over to the Dragon Clan champion.

The Summit

The summit starts of with a discussion about the late arrival. But after an explanation about the afflicated village and the Dragon covering everything up under the mantle of courtesy, they continue with the matter at hand.
We're aren't allowed to be present at the discussions, but in the corridors we learn that the Unicorn and Lion manage to listen to each other, so the pressure is off.
Eventually everybody heads of home.

A year has passed

We return home to participate at our local winter courts, and during the following year, we receive an invitation to participate in the coming official winter court in the Doji Castle. We are to be present as Emerald Magistrates to keep the peace. A huge honor for us! Delegations of all major clans will be present.
The fact that the Doji Castle has been pciked this year is remarkable as they have lost quite a bit of influence and money due to the bad harvest the last few years.

  • Visit Shosuro Shihaisha at the Scorpion Clan adoptive parents, she'll start her training next year.
  • Visited the Doji Diplomat school, and got reprimanded for focussing on Emerald Magistrate training instead of the school, will need to redeem myself the coming time.
  • Travel around toegther with Tichuki, growing weirdly fond of him, might be a case of Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Prepare for the Winter court.