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5. Akodo Masako

The Second Tournament Day

Played on November 11th, 2018

Day 2, Spring 1123

The fight starts. I stand my ground, and let the Ronin attack me. He barely managed to hit me and I response with a critical strike with my bokken. After that he tries to hit me again, but missed. I strike him one more time and he drops down. Then I quickly run towards Hitoshi, and also strike down the Ronin that was attacking him. It seems a few other contestent also are on the winning hand and the Ronin flee from the sake house.

Shinjo Takuya picks up an unconscious ronin that's still on the ground, and starts to wake him up with sake. When the ronin opens his eyes Shinjo looses his composure and starts blustering and threatening the ronin. That's the Unicorn's barbaric nature I guess. At the same time some Samurai of the Kakita academy enter the sake house and ask him what he is doing. He apologises and starts blushing. The Samurai take the ronin with them for further questioning. I decide it's already too late and quickly go to inn to get some sleep.

Day 3, Spring 1123

Test 6 - Weaponry (2 points)

After breakfast it's time to head to the academy to start the next test, weaponry! We get to choose a weapon of choice. A spear, sword, club or staff. I can handle all, but take the sword. The judge mentions to pay attention to the footwork of your opponent, and use their movement to your advantage. I make sure Hitoshi also understands how to approach this test and take the Water approach that the judges want.

I'm matched against Mirumoto Hinata. It's clear she takes the wrong approach, and I use that to my advantage. The test goes very well, and I get 2 points, which means i now got the 8 required points for my gempuku! My family and clan will be proud! Now all I need to do is win the duels to claim the mantle of the Topaz Champion!

Kakita Riku won this test, so she will be a challenge in the duels tomorrow. I'm also glad to hear Hitoshi followed my advice and also got 2 points. Doji Satsume will approve this.

Test 7 - Poetry (2 points)

Then there is poetry. Writing poetry isn't my strongest skill. But the judge mentions to let it come from inside of you and attune yourself with the poetry. I get the subject 'silence'. So I enter a short meditation in silence. Before me the image of a pond appears, until a frog breaks the silence. I put this in words in a haiku.

An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again.

The judges seem to approve it and I get 2 points! Sometimes I surprise myself. I'm glad Hitoshi also gets a point. He only needs 3 more, with Archery still to come.