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14. Doji Ren

Investigations - Part II

Played on January 27th, 2019

The Cave

Halfway through the afternoon, we all gather in our sleeping quarters to discuss what we have found out. I tell the others about my worries and considerations, but it seems the others aren't worried at all.
The rest decide to investigate the cave and the hennery next. I consider to stay behind to study, but Yumako persuades to join. In exchange she'll help me with my studies tonight.

When we reach the cave, we notice it's most often used for meditation. Aki and Yoshi consider this to be a good idea so they start meditating. We notice a big stone in the back of the cave. Yoshi during his meditation learns that not everybody believes in the celestial order and the role the Hantei play in it.
Kyo studies the big stone and notices it could be moved. With the help of Aki and Yumiko he moves it revealing a secret tunnel leading out of the cave. As I was waiting outside the cave, Yumako comes to pick me up as we want to investigate the tunnel. After descending the tunnel for about 10 minutes by candlelight, we reach the exit hidden behind some bushes. In the tunnel we have found a bundle of papers, but we'll investigate those later. On our way back, we put the stone back in its original location and then we head over to the hennery.

The Hennery

When we arrive at the hennery we are welcomed by Oji exclaiming how he's so happy we're here to investigate the dramma that has occured. Might hw also know about our assignment?
But we quickly learn that he had a lot of chickens die recently, the day before Doji died. He wonders about how that could've happened. When we interrogate him, we learn that Doji often visited the hennery for a quick chat with Oji. Takuya studies the grain, there's nothing wrong with it.


We return to our quarters again where Yoshi and Yumako start investigating the papers we found in the tunnel. It are letters addressed to Doji talking about how Rokugan government is incorrect and unfair. The Imperial family is considered ignorant and the hereditary system is outdated. The letter writer thinks it should be skill and knowledge based.
We head over to the Dining Hall. Today, it turns out, to be the millet festival. All big farmers from around the castle are present.
As promised to Yumako I spread the truth about how her brother Akodo cheated on a duel. His fans learn about it and somewhat move away from him. Not a lot later he himself leaves the hall. Mission accomplished. While I spread this story, I learn that people consider it pretty okay that Doji deceased. Aki hears rumours about people in Takahara village are members of the 'Perfect land' sect. People talk about how it's Doji's own fault, that he talked to all these peasants, that must've been the reason which got him killed.
By now I'm done for tonight and I remember I still have to work on arranging my notes and reading through it once more to memorise it. About an hour later, I'm halfway through my notes, Kijij comes running in, exclaiming that I should follow him to the training dojo! Why would I want to do that at this time of night?!