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28. Doji Ren

Yaguro's involvement

Played on June 9th, 2019

You're under arrest!

This time, with all the heimin nearby I call out again that they're under arrest in name of the Emerald Champion. They adjust their movement somewhat, but don;t refrain from attacking my fellow Magistrates.
Yumako roars at them and has three of them on the run to the back of the warehouse. To catch them before they can make their escape, Tichuki and me run outside. We notice them attempting to open the sidedoor and eventually they break through facing the armoured skeleton illusion Tichuki had put up. Tichuki shoots at the fugitives, while I order them to give up, which they finally do.

We direct them back inside where the others have also surrendered by now. They get tied and lined up for questioning.
While some of us start interrogating the prisoners Kyo and me start searching through the crates. We fidn out they contain very high quality raw opium, even though the shipping manifests, signed by the harbour master stae otherwise. I'll hang on to these documents in case I ever need some leverage over him. The ship on which these crates arrived is the 'Floating Destiny'.
Some other crates contain Opium pipes with the Green Rest logo on them.
In the back of the warehouse we find some kind of holding area with shackles attached to the wall. The blood and other crap we see indicate that prisoners have been held here recently.

Aki is assessing the Katana's the heimin used. and others ask them who they work for. They reveal that Yaguro, of the Green Rest Inn, was behind this. They had been ordered to keep four people hostage here. Three men and one woman. Hiroshige, Toru, Fubato and Michiki have been held captive here until they were taken away, to the city, by Yugaro two days ago.
The infamous tatoo'ed Ronin was with him. Suzako tried to escape from them and he got killed they admit grudgingly.
Yumako takes the Katana's with her and we take our prisoners with us to hand them over to the Tortoise magistrate.