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10. Bayushi Kyo

I will not run away!

Played on December 23rd, 2018

Towards Shiro Yogasha, Day 6 on the road, Year 1123

A shiver runs through me as I make my way towards the goblins. As long as Akodo can hold the Ogre, I can make my body stay in the fight. I am scared for my life, but due to the element of surprise we seem to have the odds on our side. This encounter does not directly help for or against my duty to my lord or even my new lord. I should be able to explain the situation if I was tempted to be somewhere else more safe. But for now I would hold strong and keep my eyes on the Akodo and the Ogre.

A goblin fell at my first strike, not dead, but he would certainly bleed out if he tried anything again. I surprised them and I created a small advantage; but now I was in the middle of it all, not a place I prefer to be. Arrows flew from both sides as Shinjo and Doji used their bows from the bushes and as goblins did the same from the other side. The earth shook as Togashi slammed the ground. Goblins started dying quickly, but the Ogre held strong. Luckily so did Akodo. Her technique was impressive, a perfect balance between her katana and making use of the strength of her armor. Things went a little worse when Togashi had to leave combat due to wounds, but luckily we killed enough goblins already to be able to finish the fight in our favor.

Quickly my fear of a possible death scenario ebbed out of my blood as it was obvious things were certain to be safe. I shook myself and assesed the situation looking for options and opportunities.