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24. Doji Ren

Goblins, here we come!

Played on April 14th, 2019

Finding Hade

That morning Aki questions Chiyu, the innkeeper, about the tattood Ronin. But she doesn't know him. Her son does know Hade though, the multicolour dressed Ronin. He saw him working as a bouncer at the "Wailing Cat". I ask Kiji to keep an eye out for the tattood Ronin, as he seems to be pivotal to solving the disapperance of Hiroshige.
Aki and Tichuki will go to the dockside to pay a visit to the "Wailing Cat" to see if Hade is there. When they return they tell us there was a Ronin at the door, but no Hade. When asking the bouncer about him, they're told that Hade has been fired a few weeks back for showing up at work under influence. Unfortunately he doesn't know where Hade could be found these days.

Goblin hunting

The next morning it is time to deal with the golbin pest, for which we are officially here. Tichuki leads the way to the spot from which we returned last time. The journey is not easy physically, nor mentally but we manage to reach our destination. There Tichuki with the help of Yoshi start looking for tracks towards a possible goblin encampment.
It is hard, but luckilly they do find tracks which are only a few days old. We follow these tracksw for an hour, more tracks join the main track and we deduct it's a few hundred meters until we reach the goblins. There's an open area in the swamp where more light can be seen. Some of us circumvent the area, while I hide at the edge, having my bow at the ready. Yumako walks out onto the clearing looking for the goblins.
After a moment we see the goblins fleeing into the clearing followed by some evil creature, which quakes the earth as it chases them.