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41. Akodo Yumako

A Winter Court Game

Played on October 27th, 2019

Month of Togashi 14th, 1128

The Tea Ceremony

The rest of the tea ceremony I succeeded to be a proper guest. In the meanwhile Bayushi Kyo was hinting about the relation between Satsume and Hitoshi. But I didn't fully understood it. Later I heard from Bayushi Kyo that she knows about it, and wants it to stay a secret. Also we learned that it's very important to Riyoku that her apprentice Doji Chioe will marry the crown prince. And she will go far to make sure that happens. The Mantis is an unexpected variable in her plans which she can't control. That's probably why she asks us to find out about what's going on and why they are invited.

Month of Togashi 15th, 1128

The Game

The next morning Bayushi Kyo got a letter. It's one of those courtier games they play during Winter Court. We all got the know the content of the letter, because that is public knowledge:

Drawn from a quiver
Sent to strike the quarry true
Messengers of peace
Hide dreadful tidings of war
Tempests brew dark overhead

Bayushi Kyo now has to write a letter back, and this will keep going on until Bayushi Kyo finds out who wrote it. It's clear that this letter hints to the archery demonstration from this afternoon. We will go there, but the morning I spend practicing my weapon skills. A Bushi has to make sure to get enough practice during Winter Court.

At the end of the morning I hear from Isawa Aki that she visited Susano-o Hitoshi. He also doesn't know exactly why the Mantis are invited. But he thinks it might has to do with the Crane food shortages. And the Mantis boats are important for fishing and to transport food in.