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4. Akodo Masako

The tournament continues!

Played on November 4th, 2018

Day 2, Spring 1123

Lunch will be served at the Laughing Carb. While we make our way there people come running from the north. We see dark smoke in the distance, a fire! Quickly I run there together with some other contestants. I help at the front of the line with extinguish the fire. Full buckets with water arrive quicker and quicker because of the great directions of Isawa Aki and Doji Ren. Shinjo Takuya arrives a few minutes later and makes sure that the empty buckets are brought back to the river. Within half an hour the fire is extinguished. We saved half of the warehouse!

Then we have lunch at the Laughing Carb. I overhear Isawa Aki telling Hitoshi that he can have her room, and that she will share the room with Doji Ren. I surprises me that Doji Ren would accept that, but it seems she does. Isawa Aki also asks Hitoshi about his family name. It seems Mantis clan members only are allowed to use their family name after being on a boat long enough. He doesn't tell much more about his father. So still no idea if that's related to Doji Satsumi or Kakita Toshimoko. On the other hand, even if it is, Hitoshi probably doesn't even know that.

Test 4 - Horseback Riding (1 point)

It's time for the next test, Horseback Riding. We all get our horse, and the judge tells us to take a direct approach. But since that's not how I handle horses I will take a more balanced and flexible approach. While we are meeting the horse I notice that Bayushi Kyo is talking with the judge. And later the horse of Hitoshi is being replaced with another horse. I guess something was wrong with the horse and Bayushi Kyo noticed. And I guess he remembered the promise we made to Doji Satsumi to help Hitoshi pass the tests.

The test itself went good enough, but not great. I get 1 point.

Test 5 - Conduct (0 point)

The next test is conduct. It's about etiquette, courtesy and ceremony. And there are 3 judges. They tell us to recall from memory what we learned from our parents. Normally my memory is quite good, but they exactly ask the questions for which I have no answer. And I get 0 points.
One thing I notice is that Kakita Riku isn't looking too happy, while she is passing most tests.

I didn't perform great this afternoon, but tomorrow I should be able to get the last points I need. Especially with the tests Weaponry and Law. Hitoshi on the other hand is at the bottom of the list with only 2 points. We should really help him, but I'm not sure how...

The Poisoned Water Sake house

At the end of the day Kakita Toshimoko invites us to the Poisoned Water Sake house for a feast. In the inn there is a lot of food and drinks. But I stay away from the alcohol. Tomorrow we have to compete again, and I don't want to take any risks.

Doji Ren, Shinjo Takuya and Togashi Yoshi are joining on some dice game. People start to get more drunk and the Unicorn clan members start to sing songs. I mostly sit at a table and have some short talks with other contestants.

Kakita Tushimoko is feasting with some Geishas, but later in the evening he has disappeared. Mirumoto Hinata and Kakita Riku are discussing their fighting styles. We will see in 2 days which one really is the best.

About when I wanted to go to bed a group of drunk Ronin enter the inn. They yell for wine and start to insult the contestants. I take my composure for a minute, but then I decide to take action. I ask Mirumoto Hinata and Kakita Riku to help me with kicking these ronins out of the sake house and draw my bokken...