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45. Akodo Yumako

Picknick in the Pavillion

Played on November 24th, 2019

Month of Togashi 17th, 1128

Lady Magami

During the picknick I go stand in the line to congratulate Lady Magami with her amazing piece of poetry. I see Hiruma Tichuki and Doji Ren walking towards Otomo Koryusai and Miya Satoshi. Then it's time to meet Lady Magami. She really put the Doji on their place. A Mantis beating them on the poetry competition on their lands. I congratulate her, and compliment her on her poem. Especially one passage, which I repeat word for word, really touched me. She thanks me and is very friendly. Yoritomo, the Mantis Clan Champion is also there, and I even exchange a few words with him. We have some more discussion and I get to ask her if she knows why the Mantis were invited. She tells me it was unexpected for her too, but it seems she did knew it already before the invitation we know of was send. Then it's time for them to go to the next guest, so I thank them and go my way.During

More picknick

Bayushi Kyo is talking with Susano-o no Izen again. It seems they almost became friends. Lets ask what's that's about later.

Later I notice Doji Hatsuhina walking with her arm around Hiruma Tichuki. They keep talking, but at some point I see Hiruma Tichuki looking around. As if he had enough of it but can't find the words to leave side. Luckily Doji Rens also noticed, since she walks up there, does her arm around Hiruma Tichuki and walks away with him.

Ikoma Rumiko

Then I see a moment to talk to Ikoma Rumiko. Her poem wasn't as great as Doji Ren's or Lady Magami's, but still she did fine, and it's great the Lion Clan was represented. So I thank her about it. I also ask about boat trip in which the invitation was delivered to the Mantis. Whe tells me that indeed they delivered that. Then Doji Ren and Hiruma Tichuki also join the talk. When asked who gave her the invitation, but she doesn't know, since it wasn't handed to her personally.
Also she is talking about the upcoming play "The fishermans daughter". It will take place in 7 days. And if anyone wants to participate, we should get to her soon, and there might still be a spot. Ikoma Rumiko plays the Spirit of the Island. And she tells us that the main role of fisherman's daughter is being played by Lady Shige. I've read about her, but never saw her perform. Now i'm really curious to how that play will go.

Month of Togashi 18th, 1128

The next day

During the next day we all get each other up to date, and I learn some new things!

  • It seems Susano-o no Izen thinks Lady Magami is a good candidate for the emperor's son. And he hopes we are at his side
  • Some weird things have been going on with the Mantis invitation. Miya confessed that he received a 'thank you for the invitation' letter from Yuritomo without him even sending an invitation. They send the letter as response to that.
  • So why did they send a thanks you letter? Did Mantis receive a 'fake' invitation? And who send that then? Or did they just send a thank you message with receiving anything?