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9. Bayushi Kyo

loose ends

Played on December 16th, 2018

Loose ends, Day 6 in Tsuma, Year 1123

Well, I guess we wasted precious time today. I did not to see Bayushi Sugai until the afternoon. Soo much trouble getting an audience with Kakita Toshimoko, but Sugai being a prisoner in the Academy forced me to go to the top. I think I played it very well, I got my meeting with Sugai. I got put into place as well though, Kakita knows we have to present ourselves to the Emerald Champion at Shiro Yogasha and we shouldn't be wasting time. And a Kakita was going to be present the whole time during the meeting with Sugai.
It did prove my earlier hypothesis that Sugai was acting on his own revenge of last years contest, but that was all there was. No deeper secret, nothing explained, he was acting solo. It gave closure for this part. But it did not remove the niggling feeling that it seemed to have been pointed at Hitoshi. Even worse Sugai was confident he would be exchanged for someone in the same situation in our Scorpion lands. Though he might get back that way, he will not get any help from me. Not now and probably not ever as long as I can handle it properly.

Towards Shiro Yogasha, Day 1 on the road.

An uneventful day on the road towards the Emerald Champions palace. It would be journey through open country, but that would only slow down our Unicorn friend on the big horse. But he seems like a good companion and would not dishonor us by arriving first alone.

Towards Shiro Yogasha, Day 2 on the road.

We wake up the next morning and the day looks promising. We spot a single older woman standing on a hill nearby seeming to do her morning exercises. She flows through many complex excercises. Far advanced of our skills it seems as most of us stare in wonder. The fluidity of her moves at that age are simply majestic. Strangely enough she does not seem to be wearing any Clan colors. Might she be of a lesser clan or even a Ronin? I've had enough of Ronins for now and we have an important meet with the Emerald Champion. Even though Togashi Yoshi and me tried to convince the group that we should ignore this woman and move on, some of us decided to have a look. Akodo Yumako, Isawa Aki and Shinjo Takuya moved towards the hill. I could not hear any words at this distance but they soon changed into challenges and then into duels. It seems to be hard to keep Akodo from a fight, we would have to be careful with that in the future. The duels finish quickly and it is hard to see from down here what the results exactly were. But afterwards the woman transforms into a majestic Tengu. She showing her real blood is a true honor in this world. Our companions must have done well indeed!

Towards Shiro Yogasha, Day 4 on the road.

On the forth day as we make our way towards Shiro Yogasha, we pass a familiar face. It is that underling of Doji Satsume. His cart seems a lot emptier than before. The fool seems to be making bad time and losing Doji's personal belongings. No matter to us I would say but this time Togashi Yoshi takes our precious travel time to talk to the man. His affection for the heimen might get us into trouble in the future. He learns that part of the belongings have been taken by our new Emerald Champion. Very good, I guess there were important things in the cart, they should be carried by the worthy.

Towards Shiro Yogasha, Day 6 on the road.

It is the sixth day we are dragged into a new situation. We come upon two overturned carts, multiple dead guards and traders and many goblins and an ogre feasting upon the spoils. Before we can assess the situation, Akodo charges into it, ordering us to follow. They have not seen us yet, which would give us an opportunity for surprise. Because of the action of Akodo there is only this one moment to react and make use of it. Into the fray!