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28. Akodo Yumako

Into the Warehouse!

Played on June 9nd, 2019

The warehouse

Month of the Horse 11th, 1125


Inside a fight start. These Heimin are using rusted Katana's! How dare they! I run in further and position myself between all the guards before i unleash Lord Akodo’s Roar! The other take use of that and 1 by 1 the guards start to drop.

A few of them even try to get away by the backdoor, but when they finally get it open, Hiruma Tichuki and Doji Ren are awaiting them on the other side, together with some illusion of a shadowland creature made by Hiruma Tichuki.

In the meanwhile I speak to the importance of this mission and speak courage into my team members! It seems to help calm some of them down, and we manage to get the last ones left to drop their weapons.

The aftermath

We line all the guards up, tie their hands and collect their weapons. Isawa Aki is looking at the Katana's and notices, while they are mostly sanded off, at one of them you can still recognise a Kitsuki mon. I join her at looking through them and decide to take them with me later. I might be able to remove the rust and see where they are from. This way I can bring them back to the families they belong with.

In the meanwhile some others are investigating the crates in this warehouse. It's not long before they find some raw opium. And we notice a room where some people have been imprisoned.

Hiruma Tichuki and me decide to question the guards. After some convincing they tell us they work for Yaguro, the owner of the Green Rest. And they tell us 4 people were kept as prisoners here for some time. Doji Hiroshige, Kasuga Michiko, Kasuga Toru and Fubato. But they have been moved out two days ago towards the city by a big Ronin with a tattoo. They tell us that the Ronin doesn't work for Yaguro. I ask them about the bloodied Crab clothes we saw. They told it there was a 4th prisoner who tried to escape. It seemed they killed that Samurai!

So many Imperial laws they broke! Using Katana's, imprisoning and killing samurai, handling in Opium. We really should execute them right here. But some of the others want to hand them over to the Governor and let him handle it.

I decide to check around a little more, and find Hiroshuge's name on the wall. So at least we know they weren't lying about him having been here.