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11. Akodo Yumako

The Arrival at Shiro Yogasha

Played on January 6th, 2019

Month of the Serpent 15th, 1123

While i'm resting from the fight the merchants that were hidden behind a cart show themselves. They thank us and offer us gifts which me and the others of course reject. Compassion doesn't need rewards.

Some of us want to continue towards to Palace as quickly as possible, since we are already late. But Togashi Yoshi wants to help the merchants to get the cart that's on its side up again. So we help him and finally we can continue with our journey. While we walk away I keep wondering how Goblins and an Ogre end up here on the road in the middle of Rokugan...

Month of the Serpent 16th, 1123

The next day is uneventful until dinner. While we are having dinner around the campfire I suddenly notice a 7th person. The ghost of Doji Satsume joined us! He is even clearer visible than last time, and thanks us for what we did for Hitoshi. He has one last request. Doji Satsume wants us to resolve the matter of his death, and to make sure to do that in a way that brings no shame upon or retribution to his family.

Shinjo Takuya asks him how he died, but of course he doesn't know that, why else would he ask us to resolve it. Togashi Yoshi tells him that we will do that, which I confirm.

Month of the Serpent 17th, 1123

We see the palace, Shiro Yogasha, in the far distance. I can see how it's impossible to approach it unnoticed over this wide empty plain. Any advancing army would be spotted days in advance. It still takes a few hours towards the palace, and the closer we are, the clearer it becomes how magnificent and beautiful it is. The Imperial Chrysanthemum is proudly displayed at the castle's front gate.

In the palace we are welcomed by Kitsuki Kāgi. He brings us towards the Visiting Magestrate Quarters where we can freshen up. He will get us again to meet with the Ruby champion in an hour. For some reason he doesn't call him Emerald Champion, which would be the current highest rank of Agasha Sumiko.

I spend that hour to clean and polish my armor. I can't present myself to the Emerald Champion with a gift from the Lion clan with a dull and dusty armor. Normally that would also clear my head, but an hour is too short for that today it seems.

Then Kitsuki Kāgi takes us to the Emerald Champion. We walk through the Audience Hall, and he tells us this is where we would normally meet, but he is leading us to the private chambers of Agasha Sumiko. It's clear Kitsuki Kāgi doesn't agree with that.