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37. Akodo Yumako

Kill the Oni!

Played on September 8st, 2019

Month of the Rooster 16th, 1127

The Oni

Isawa Aki conjures a bolt of lightning from the sky that strikes the Oni. Together with another hit from me and Hiruma Tichuki it drops down. This went quicker than expected. But then in the far distance a lady appears. Is that the Maho witch one we saw in the boat? She does have a sickle in her hand. She raises her hand and dark energy appears around her and around the Oni.

The Maho

I use this moment speak courage into all. We have to stand our ground, and defeat whatever is coming to us! A moment later the Oni is again standing on its feet and swinging his Tetsubo around. Hiruma Tichuki gets a blow and if it wasn't for Isawa Aki's healing spell, he sure was disabled for this fight. I use my Way of the Lion for another strike on the Oni. Around that time my brother also arrives at the fight. I order him to finish it, and so he does! Its head got separated from its body and the Oni falls to the ground.

In the meanwhile Togashi Yoshi is distracting the Maho woman and together with the rest we also finish her.


After the fight Ichiro appears with Hige in his arms. He looks death and wants an explanation. Hiruma Tichuki investigates him and only finds a small wound that could never be lethal. The only explanation he can give is the afflication in this village and points at the decayed flowers.