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45. Doji Ren

The Picknick

Played on December 1st, 2019


I ask Kiji to find Tichuki to invite him as my plus one to the poetry afterparty.
At the picknick the Mantis are prancing around as if they own the place. Lady Magami is very popular and people are lining up to congratuilate her on her victory.
Even though Doji Hatsuhina is eyeing Tichuki he joins me to have a chat with Miya and Otomo about the competition. Someone mentions that Otomo is most likely better at other stuff... And Miya responds that often is the case. She continues to ask when a Crab will participate in the noble art of poetry writing.
I express my astonishment about Lady Magamis skills and hewr vicotury in the competition. Miya responds that she truelly was the best poet today. Tichuki asks what he thought about Hatsuhina. He replies he did his best but she was just way more brilliant. Miya concludes that deeds spoke louder than origin today. To which I reply that it was a good thing than that the Mantis got invited than, quite unexpected. But it was obviously by request of the Emperor.
It feels like Miya is holding back something from us, but I just can't put my finger on it.

The others of our group are all also mingling and enjoying the party. Tichuki is walking arm in arm with Lady Hatsuhina when he desperately signals "SAve me" to me. I join them and walk arm in arm on his other side. I notice Hatsuhina considers me higher in status so she decide to let go stating "until we meet again". Tichuki replies "If the Emperor wants, indeed".

Confronting Miya

As I still got that naggin feeling about Miya's reply to my questions, I now decide to play our Emerald Magistrate card as I ask her again why the Mantis are present at this Winter Court.
He finally comes up with the actual story that they hadn't been invited in the first place at all, but they had received a letter from Yuritomo thanking them for the invitation. Now the Emeperor is even acting happy that they are here.

The upcoming play

I conclude that for now this will be all there is to learn from Miya so we join Yumako who is talking to Rumiko.
Pleasantries are exchanged. Rumiko goes on to talk about the upcoming play "The fishermans daughter", which will take place in seven days. She will play the Spirit of the Island and hints that we might also participate if we'd like too. Tichuki wonders who will play Hantei, but that's still unclear. It is clear that some Lady Shige will play the fishermans daughter. She's a very famous but mysterious actrice. I perform a few lines from the play together with Rumiko and afterwards thank her for the invitation to participate. We'll get back to her very soon!