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40. Doji Ren

Tea with Lady Riyoku

Played on October 6th, 2019

Some, quite out of their comfort zone just try to behave as what is expected from them. Yoshi joins me in acknowledging Lady Riyoku's request to look after the Mantis Clan.
Aki mentions the Topaz Championship and how we got acquinted with Hitoshi and how he was miffed that the Mantis weren't treated as equal. Lady Riyoku explains that won't the reason why the Mantis are present. We do learn that Hitoshi will be present at this Winter Court.


During dessert, Aki goes on trying to flatter Lady Riyoku while asking her why the Mantis are present. The lady is not impressed by any flattery, but does explain that the Emperor himself invited them at a later stage.
I wonder what the Lady thinks of the Mantis and I learn that she thinks they're an uncultered but very ambitious Clan. Kyo finds out she's not the only one wondering why the Mantis are here and she's very interested to see the invitation the Mantis Clan received.
Mia Tatoshi, the Imperial Herald, has been explaining the inviting of the Mantis Clan after some fuss from 'the other great clans' (as Takuya eloquently put it). We understand he's a writer and will be judging the poetry competition during this Court and might be in need of help. Doji Chioe will definately be participating in this competition. Might be a good opportunity to one-up her, if no other oppportunity arises sooner.
Yumako asks if more Magistrates will be tasked with looking after the Mantis, but we're clerarly the only ones. She doubts if the Mantis will fully coorporate though. Something is mentioned about the Lord wanting to befriend (???Susano-o - Izen???).
Riyoku concludes the dessert stating that is has been very tasty, and that we might want to pay a visit to Doji Hatsuhina who has arranged the Mantis Clan quarters to be ready in time.

A walk in the garden

After dessert, there's a break in the ceremnoy and Doji Chioe appears and invites us for a walk in the garden. She has an animated ceonversation with Yoshi about the life of a monk and learns about the solitude but also the enlightenment it provides. She goes on to explain she might pursue a life as a monk if she wouldn't get married eventually and wonders if the would be taken in by the Dragon. Yoshi tells her she would be very welcome there.
She then goes on talking about theology and how everybody deserves courtesy and mercy, it almost sounds like the 'heretic' ideas brought forth by the PLS. Shinsei would some day return to save the believers.
Considering her an adversary in my career path I imply it would be a wise idea to not even consider any possible mapped out career and just aim to become a monk. Being the naive, and young person that she is, she seems tempted.

Continuing the ceremony

As we return in the Tea House, we see Lady Riyoku preparing Macha. Aki asks if there are big poetry talents amongst the guests. Riyoku is really eager to talk about it, being a writer herself. She has also personally trained Doji Chioe in the art and expects her to do really well.
The contest will be overseen by a Shungenja Asahina Takako.